ACEMAGIC distributed some mini PCs with pre-installed viruses

The ACEMAGIC brand known in the mini PC sector has been at the center of controversy these days for serious security flaws in its products due to pre-installed viruses.

Let’s see how this happened, how you can detect it and how it is possible to solve it effectively. A failure in the preparation and signature chain in the installation of the operating system seems to be the main reason for these deficiencies.

Viruses detected by users, which can compromise the security of our system, the brand itself has commented on the matter and offers complete replacement of the affected products.

acemagic virus

ACEMAGIC and viruses in mini PCs

As we have been able to see, some ACEMAGIC mini PCs distributed by this brand had malware(backdoor) that could extract passwords, mine cryptocurrencies and perform other operations on our computer. This virus is even detected by Windows Antivirus itself, but it may take some time for the warning to pop up if we do not run an antivirus scan manually.

  • Detected virus Bladabindi!ml
  • Contact ACEMACIC and request replacement of the mini PC or ask for 25% of the price as compensation.
  • All current mini PCs for sale from ACEMAGIC have been verified.

acemagician virus

It appears that the models primarily affected by this problem are the ACEMAGICIAN AD15 and the ACEMAGIC AD08. If you have either of them, run a full scan with Windows’ own Antivirus or third party application such as VirusTotal Scanner, the critical file is “C:Å“recpveryOEMOEMOsVerendIEV.exe”

why is there a Virus on the mini PC?

According to ACEMAGICIAN, the mini PCs that were distributed with this virus had a modification to speed up system startup. In the process of modifying the files, the modified files were not properly tracked and the software was not signed by Microsoft, so the system could contain files infected by an operator in the production line. This is something that we have seen previously in other computers, even from top-tier brands, which is unacceptable.

Virus detection and steps to follow

Perform a full scan with Windows Antivirus itself or with a third party application such as VirusTotal Scanner, the critical file is “C:\recpveryOEMOEMVerDEV.exe”

acemagician malware

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