AK8 a strange Chinese miniPC with integrated touchpad

Undoubtedly among the strangest designs of miniPC’s that we have seen so far in this 2020, the AK8 enters the podium since we see that it includes a touchpad as a control method at the top of its case, an addition that is undoubtedly very unique.

So this panel is intuited, in addition to including various shortcuts, it seems that it also works as any Touchpad with which, in the absence of a keyboard, we could control Windows 10 with it. As for RAM, we have 6GB and a Celeron J3455 processor, a configuration sufficient to move Windows 10 if we do not ask it for very demanding tasks.

AK8 miniPC Android

Processor, RAM and storage

The AK8 mini PC includes a Intel processor, Apollo Lake Celeron J3455, a Quad Core manufactured in 14nm with x86 processors up to 2.24 GHz, and an Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU that allows a maximum video resolution of 4K @ 30fps. The RAM is 6GB LPDDR3L and it seems to include a 128GB capacity SATA SSD for storage.

Other specs

Inside we have Dual Band WiFi with internal antennas and Bluetooth 4.0. The included connectors are a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0, a microSD card reader, 3.5mm audio jack jack, Gigabit Ethernet port, a miniHDMI 1.4 and power input.

Price and availability

AK8 miniPC

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