AlgoLaser Alpha, new Laser Engraver with 22W Power

The AlgoLaser Alpha is the new 22W Laser Engraver with high power cutter to allow you to make your projects come true.

This new AlgoLaser Alpha has a new advanced second-generation COS technology to optimize the cutting performance. Enrich your Artwork with 500+ Shades of Color and his incredible Cutting Ability.  This version has now a more powerful motherboard & self-developed firmware, go up to 400mm/s(24000mm/min) of engraving speed.

The system comes with a Plug & Play Smart Air Pump, offline use enriches use meets. The engraver has a friendly design for enhances the user experience and integrates 7 Safety Protections.

algolaser alpha

AlgoLaser Alpha specifications

This new AlgoLaser Alpha adopts the advanced second-generation COS technology, the polarized beam combination improves the performance of the laser beam by 40%. Compared to regular 20W laser modules, COS technology compresses the laser spots from a rectangle to a square, having a near 1:1 ratio on both low (30%) and high power (100%).

  • 40% Smaller Spot Size
  • 0.08*0.07 mm 30% Power
  • 0.16*0.14 mm 100% Power

With +500 Shade colours this engraver make your projects stand out with vibrant and durable colors created by oxidation of stainless steel material while engraving.

The new Dual-core CPU deliver significant speed boost, achieving an impressive 32% higher CPU performance and 50% improved energy efficiency. And load your files 80% faster than others via Wifi 2.4G. Alpha load time  is 23 seconds, others loading times usually has 180 seconds.

The AlgoLaser Alpha has 8 MB RAM, 8 MB storage memory, and a built-in 32 GB SD card, allows more future upgrade possibilities. Also Laser firmware supports upgrades by both OTA and SD card.

Speed and performance

The Super powerful 22W laser module handles various material thicknesses for cutting easily.

  • One Pass Cutting:
    30mm Pine Board
    10mm Black Acrylic
    0.1mm Stainless Steel Plate
  • Maximum Cutting:
    45mm Black Acrylic / 15
    20mm Paulownia Plank / 3
    12mm MDF / 6
    20mm White Oak / 5″

This system also has an automatic airflow adjustment based on the speed and power. Supports direct control through the AlgoLaser APP, LightBurn and LaserGRBL software.

Buy link and del price

algolaser alpha 22w

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