Allwinner A33E, A100 and A200 new SoCs for the 2020/2021 period

Allwinner, a brand of processors that lived its golden age in the tablet boom and that is now diversifying to many more sectors has presented data on its new chips for the period 2020/2021. In the field of vision and image processing, Allwinner now has a good range of products, but it seems that TV-Boxes and tablets where SoC’s like the Allwinner H6 have passed are somewhat out of band, without penalty or glory hidden under the success. of Amlogic SoCs.

In the scheme shown by Allwinner we have information on the areas of application of its products:

  • R / MR – Home Automation.
  • A – Tablets.
  • VR – Virtual reality.
  • H / F- TV-Box and multimedia.
  • T – Automobiles.
  • V – Image processor for cameras.
  • XR / XIN – Chips Wireless.
  • AXP / PMIC – Energy Control.

Allwinner 2020 SoC Families

The new Allwinners that are to come are the new A33E, A100 and A200, three processors with different specifications that can be used in some model of TV-Box. With the current scenario, it is possible that everything will be delayed and we do not see this range of products until well into 2021, if their specifications and names do not change before.

  • Allwinner A33E – Low-end SoC with Cortex-A7 cores that can at least 4K decode
  • Allwinner A100 – Cortex-A53 Mid / Low Range SoC with PowerVR GE8300 GPU and 4K Decoding Support
  • Allwinner A200 – High-end / Medium BigLittle SoC (A53 + A73?) With USB 3.1 / PCIe 3.0 support and 8K decoding

Allwinner 2020 2021 Roadmap


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