New Allwinner SoC’s A50, A100, A200 and A300 / A301 for tablets

Allwinner, as Amlogic and Rockchip, have presented their roadmap with their new chips for 2019-2020. At the moment this company has presented its new chips for tablets Allwinner A50, A100, A200 and A300 / A301, but with a level of detail that leaves much to be desired at the moment. We only have data of the Allwinner A50, a SoC oriented to the lowest range, no data of the others chips.

Allwinner A50

Allwinner A50

The Allwinner A50 is a very low-end SoC manufactured at 28nm and we do not think it will take it long to reach the market. It is a Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A7 processors and a Mali-400mp2 GPU, a ridiculous configuration in times where there are more efficient and powerful solutions. A SoC oriented to tablets of the lowest range that supports screens up to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you are curious about the details of this SoC, you can consult its datasheet.

On the rest of Chips Allwinner A100, A200 and A300 / A301 we do not have any relevant data yet we hope that they use at least processors and more advanced ARM GPUs such as the A55 or A73.

Allwinner A200

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