Amazon blocks his YouTube app on their Fire TV offering an alternative

A few days ago we have been commenting on the duel to death between Amazon and Google for the blocking of services and products in their stores, today Amazon goes a step further and advances to the announced cut of the YouTube service in FireTV devices. In this new episode, Amazon has opted for a simple solution releasing the Amazon Silk and Firefox web browsers in your app store to have YouTube through the website without application so that Google does not block them.

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With this Amazon movement simplified his life since before was to maintain its own web tool to use YouTube, at practical purpose is exactly the same only that a generic web browser is used instead of a custom web app. When we start the YouTube app on Amazon we get a message that sends us to web browsers Silk or Firefox and from there we can see YouTube with hardly any differences with the classic app.

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This movement was already sensed days ago with the sudden exit of the Silk and Firefox browsers to Amazon App store, besides at starting them we get a direct link to the Youtube website appears in order to use that service in a simple way. Apparently although Amazon seems open to negotiate allowing the sale of Chromecast devices in its online store the agreement will not arrive before January 1 date when Google would turn off the tap to the Amazon app for YouTube, we will see if these two giants they make an agreement quickly and offer a better service to their users.

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