Amazon Luna joins the fight for the Gamer Streaming sector

Already presented the new Amazon Luna subscription-based streaming game service, a full-fledged rival to Nvidia GeForce NOW and Microsoft xCloud that totally buries Google Stadia. This announcement coincides with the release of the new Fire TV Stick Lite which also allows you to play this new service, it is compatible with all Fire OS devices, iPad, iPhone or Windows. Presumably it will have support for Android in the future.

amazon luna n01

The Amazon Luna service is still in the early access phase and is priced at $5.99, the connection time in play is unlimited and it has a library of 100 titles. You can play at 1080p or 4K resolution depending on your connection, you can share your account between two devices simultaneously.

Soon you will also have all the Ubisoft titles from the same day of launch, it has as a limitation that it will only support one device at a time for these titles, but we will have all the additional DLCs. A deal that Ubisoft has undoubtedly taken a few million dollars but that gives more value to Amazon Luna.

amazon luna n02

The Amazon Luna service has Twitch integration, so players can stream their games directly in real time in the most convenient way. This system also allows us to play with a mouse and keyboard on a PC or Max, although if we want we can play with any Bluetooth GamePad. If we want we have the option to use its specific Gamepad Luna Controller that integrates special keys such as the Alexa button, will cost $49.99 in this early access period.

For now Amazon Luna is only available in the United States, if we want we can sign up for its early access to test it if we are selected. It requires a minimum connection of 10 Mbps and it is recommended to use Wi-Fi 5GHz. It is very possible that in the future it will be integrated into Amazon Prime or offered for free in a limited trial form to get to know it.

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