Amazon Prime Video to include ads in its basic plan

It seems that basic plans with ads are spreading across streaming services and the latest to join is Prime Video.

This system, which is available with the Amazon Prime service, will now start running ads on Prime Video content. According to Amazon this will serve to improve the content it now offers and continue producing high value content.

As an alternative to these ads we can pay an extra fee and avoid them, an extra to add to the Amazon Prime service that many users are already paying for.

prime video ads

Prime Video with ads in the basic plan

Prime Video series and movies from this 2024 will start to include ads. The ads will first arrive in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada at the beginning of 2024, later that same year they will appear in other countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Australia and Mexico. Those who do not want to see advertising will have to pay more to avoid them.

In the U.S., customers who want to avoid ads will have to pay an extra $2.99 per month, an amount that will be added to the subscription price of $14.99 per month or $139 in annual payment annually. The price of Prime Video in Europe will not go up while maintaining the €4.99 per month or €49.90 per year, but we will surely have to add another €3 to avoid ads.

According to the words of Amazon in its press release:

“To continue investing in compelling content and continue to increase that investment over a long period of time, in 2024 Prime Video series and movies in Spain will include limited advertising. Our goal is to have far fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming services. Prime customers will not have to do anything. We will make no changes to the current subscription price in 2024. We will also offer a new ad-free option whose price we will disclose at a later date.”

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