Amazon Prime Video now officially available for the Xiaomi Mi Box S

It has been begging for a long time, but finally we have available in the Google App Store of the Xiaomi Mi Box S officially the APP for the Amazon Prime Video Streaming service.

No doubt great news for users of this streaming platform that will save us time when updating this app, as in theory we will have automatic updates from now on, or at least we hope so.

Amazon Prime video official

The version we can download is 5.3.4, just an update that we published a few days ago. We can also update to this version even if we have an old one installed without losing the configuration. We’ll see if they keep up with the updates we see on other devices such as NVIDIA Shield TV or the most popular Smart TVs, this app is updated every week as we have seen.

The user profile function seems to be still not available for the Xiaomi Mi Box S, although with the official release of the APP we hope that this option will be available soon for this Box. This option allows us to separate the lists and playback options of language, subtitles and favorites making its use much better among several.

prime video eng n01

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