AMD presents its new 7nm processors with Zen 2 for 2019

AMD has presented in San Francisco within the Next Horizon event its new processors based on 7nm architecture. Within this event, the first models that we will see with Zen 2 at the beginning of the year, the next step will be the Zen 3 made in 7nm++ and in the distant future with Zen 4 that is already in development. A very interesting and positive advance on the part of AMD that is leaving in evidence Intel with its paralyzed 10nm for years.

amd zen 2 2018 pre d01

The new Zen 2 processors with codename Rome comes to replace the current Zen 1 called Napple and in the future you will have as replaced with Milan and their Zen 3. The first units will go to the range of processors for EPYC servers that thanks to the 7nm process will have a very high efficiency and can will compete with Intel in this sector. A very important point is the increase of more than 50% of the instructions per cycle, a very demanded aspect in AMD processors.

amd zen 2 2018 pre d03

The new Zen 3 also premiere new design that allows a better scalability, something highly valued in the server sector and that surely gives us processors with an incredible number of integrated CPU. In this same act, the new Radeon Instinct MI60 / MI50 GPUs that also make the leap to the Vega architecture in 7nm have been presented.

For now we have no news of the new processors or desktop GPU with this technology but surely in 2019 we have news about it, we must wait for CES 2019 at the beginning of the year where the official presentation of all its products will be made in 7nm, no doubt tough competition for Intel.

amd zen 2 2018 pre d02

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