AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution to be launched in March to compete with NVidia’s DLSS

It seems that AMD has put the batteries in their alternative to NVidia DLSS scaling and image enhancement system and next March with an update of Adrenaline drivers it is possible that we will see AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology in action.

Since the presentation of the new AMD Radeon 6000 we knew about the new Super Resolution feature for this generation of graphics cards, and it seems that with the update of the Adrenaline drivers for March we will have this new feature. A system that will offer us rescaling by AI starting from a lower resolution, a technology similar to the NVidia DLSS system that offers such good results with the 2000 and 3000 series, a great help especially if we activate ray tracing.

2020 11 18 8 49 58 1920x1080 1

The AMD Super Resolution system will be exclusive to the Radeon 6000 series and will take advantage of the new Infinity Cache architecture, and can also be combined with AMD Ryzen 5000 processors and the SAM function for efficient communication between processor and GPU. This means that we will certainly be limited to motherboards with new generation B550 or X570 controllers.

Along with these new Adrenaline drivers we will also have an updated AMD Radeon Boost feature, which improves dynamic resolution switching. Thanks to this feature the system can reduce the response time of the game making it more fluid, we can reach up to 66% improvement in performance without losing image quality. This system works only when we rotate the camera taking advantage of the image previously stored in another resolution, it is ideal to combine with the new Super Resolution function increasing its performance even more.

amd radeon 6000 pres n06

Undoubtedly a necessary step by AMD not to be left behind in this field, this technique will only be compatible with games prepared to support it, as it requires training the AI in the rescaling improvement. Thanks to this technique AMD GPUs will have a performance improvement needed to activate their ray tracing which for now is well below in performance compared to NVIDIA with its RTX feature.

In addition, these new combined features are ideal for notebooks or future next generation integrated GPUs, by internally rendering games at lower resolution we have a substantial performance improvement with all that implies in reduced power consumption, thermal and final graphics quality at no cost.

2020 11 18 8 49 32 1920x1080 1


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