AMD Link allows us to stream our games on Android TV and tvOS

AMD updates its AMD Link application with support for Android TV and Apple tvOS devices, an interesting option to be able to stream our PC games on Android or iOS. In addition to the streaming function we can use this app to monitor the performance of our system from the mobile or change the configuration directly.

amd link android tv n01

For the system to work we need to update the AMD Radeon drivers to version 19.7.1 or higher, on our Android or iOS device we need to install its corresponding app and connect to our PC through a PIN that is provided to us in the AMD control panel in the AMD Link section.

For the streaming of the game mode to work, the system versions must be Android TV 5.1 or tvOS 12.x or higher. In order to control the games we need a compatible Bluetooth command, Sony DualShock 4 and Xbox Wireless controls are accepted, the app itself has a system for mapping the controls on the screen.


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