AMD shows new mini PCs with its AMD Ryzen Embedded APU

t seems that AMD is still committed to strengthening its Ryzen embedded processors in the mini PC sector although for now they are basically focused on the industrial sector. A few months ago we knew their plans in other major brands such as ASRock, today new products are added based on this APU that expand its reverse hardware. We hope that one day they will jump to mini PCs in NUC format for home use, they can be a very good alternative such as HPC or small desktop computer if we add RAM and adequate storage.

amd ryzen r1000 nuc n01a

Among the products presented we have new Sapphire components with several 4×4 form factor boards, two NUC format models of the Simply NUC brand and a UDOO board with a project launched in Kickstarter. OnLogic‘s industrial mini PCs are also announced.

AMD Ryzen Embedded APUs provide scalable solutions from 6W to 54W TPD in a compatible pin-to-pin socket, allowing you to easily scale your configuration. These APUs allow us to connect multiple 4K screens, fluid 3D graphics in demanding titles and extensive storage or connectivity options far superior to those of its Intel Celeron/Pentium rivals.

amd ryzen v1000 m01

Official announcement

  • Sapphire‘s new 4×4 platforms based on AMD Ryzen integrated processors: BP-FP5 and NP-FP5 integrated boards.
  • Simply NUC with the new Mini Post Oak and Red Oak PCs, with the Ryzen Embedded R1000 and V1000 processors.
  • SECO and its Mini PC KIT with integrated AMD Ryzen processor, UDOO BOLT GEAR, which can handle up to 4 screens at 4K60fps.
  • In addition, OnLogic announced the availability of previously announced Mini PCs with AMD Ryzen Embedded processors.
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