Leaked data about the new AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs

The first laptops with AMD Ryzen 4000U processors are already arriving in stores and today we have a leak where we can see the data of the new Ryzen 4000 APU’s for desktop. These new Renoir APUs are an evolution of the current Ryzen 3000 that we saw a long time ago in one of our reviews where we have Zen 2 cores manufactured in 7nm with an improved Vega GPU that squeeze their performance to the maximum.

The source of this leak points out that the APU data shown in these tables is still subject to possible changes, so we will have to wait for its final release to verify it. The APUs that most attract our attention are undoubtedly those that have the 8-core and 16-threads CPUs with a consumption of only 35 or 65W TPD. Its rivals from Intel are far behind in terms of efficiency and we may have around 20ºC less than its direct competitor in normal use scenarios.

At the graphic level we have a Vega GPU that has up to 8CUs (512SPs), with a power that will allow us to play demanding titles at 1080p in medium settings. This is a performance jump of approximately + 56% compared to the Vega GPU that we find in the current 3000 series.

It also remains to be seen what chipset we will need in order to mount these APUs, presumably the X470 / B450 series will be sufficient. To see an even more spectacular jump we will have to wait for the Van Gogh APUs that include combinations of Zen 2 cores and Navi GPUs and later the Cezanne APUs will be launched that will already include Zen 3 CPU cores.

These AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs will undoubtedly be an excellent platform to mount a compact mini PC as we have seen in our review of the 3000 series. For the price of the whole set we have a system to play 1080p and work without problems.

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