AMD officially presents its new Ryzen 4000 APU with Zen 2 cores

AMD has officially launched its new AMD Ryzen 4000 with Zen 2 cores manufactured in 7 nm, a significant advance that brings an improvement in performance and power consumption. A few weeks ago we saw the new Renoir in the laptop processors of the 4000 Series but now in their desktop versions we no longer have limitations in consumption. The AMD Ryzen 4000 Pro has also been introduced with a focus on the professional sector with multiple layers of security.

amd 4000 desk n03

In the presentation tables of the new APU’s AMD Ryzen 4000 with Zen 2 cores and Athlon 3000 with Zen 1 cores for desktops we can see all the variants of this new generation. The APUs that most call our attention are those with 8-core and 16-threads CPUs with a consumption of only 35 or 65W TPD, variants that are marked with the GE termination for low power or high power G. The low power APUs are an ideal product for mounting passive systems with high power.

amd 4000 desk n01

At the graphics level we have a Vega GPU in the high range that has up to 8CUs (512SPs), with enough power to play demanding titles at 1080p in medium settings. This is a performance jump of approximately +56% over the Vega GPU found in the current 3000 series.

amd 4000 desk n04

In terms of raw performance these AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs leave their Intel rivals far behind and in terms of power efficiency they don’t lag behind, as we may have about 20°C less than their direct competitor in normal use scenarios. At the moment Intel cannot compete with AMD in this sector and until the new Intel Tiger Lake manufactured in 10nm with integrated Xe GPUs are introduced they have no choice.

We hope to have prices and availability dates for those new AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs soon. From our website we will soon make all the necessary tests to this new generation of APU’s to check their performance with respect to the current 3000 series, video decoding options and streaming performance to mount the best mini PCs possible.

amd 4000 desk n05

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