AMD will present its 7nm ZEN 2 processors at CES 2019

Lisa Su, CEO of AMD will present during the CES 2019 in Las Vegas the new ZEN 2 processors manufactured with 7nm technology. In a conference on January 9 at 9:00 AM will be announced all the details of these new processors that will undoubtedly imply a jump in performance. Products that will keep AMD on high thanks to the impulse received with the reception of its latest processors and Intel’s problems to put on the market solutions at 10nm, in addition to the setbacks with the latest security holes of its processors.

amd zen 2 ryzen logo d01

The first focus of these ZEN 2 processors at 7nm will be the server sector where energy efficiency is key and it is very likely that the first products presented are those of the EPYC family destined to this field. Then we will see Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper versions aimed at the classic desktop and gaming environment where AMD is also collecting good numbers in its benefits, it will be very interesting to compare results with the current 12nm processors without a doubt.

The next step using the 7nm is to update the GPUs, where AMD can have a good moment after the somewhat disappointing launch of the NVIDIA Turing. If you launch your products at a reasonable price and focusing on raw power without frills like the RTX of your rival, AMD can snatch a good piece of cake from this interesting rising sector. Undoubtedly a good time for AMD that thanks to the leadership of Lisa Su seems to have left behind its dark years.

amd zen 2 ryzen logo n01


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