Amlogic officially presents its new SoC’s S922X, S905X2 and S905Y2

Amlogic has presented officially its new SoC’s S922X, S905X2 and S905Y2 at the IBC 2018 fair, products we have been waiting for a long time and that bring interesting improvements that were already necessary, we have a new Mali-G31 / G52 GPU and USB 3.0 interface in the most powerful SoC’s. Now it remains to be seen when they will reach the market because Amlogic is undoubtedly one of the SoC producers that takes the longest between the announcement and the final products. On this occasion at least they have shown base reference plates, as we saw a few days ago the system used as a base will be Android TV 9 Pie, a jump that wants to implement Amlogic in all its current SoC including the extended S905X.

Amlogic S905X2 and S905Y2

The new Amlogic S905X2 and S905Y2 is undoubtedly are the heirs to the popular S905X, a SoC that maintains the original four ARM Cortex-A53 processors but upgrades its GPU to the Mali-G31 MP2 model with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, H.265 and VP9 among others. As we can see we have two versions that are basically the same, the S905X2 model for TV-Box has support HDMI 2.0 4K@60fps, USB 3.0, it is compatible with MIMO 2T2R adapters with Bluetooth 5.0 and the SoC S905Y2 designed for TV-Stick It has a lower consumption and only supports USB 2.0 connectivity.

amlogic s905x2 s905y2 ibc 2018 n01

Amlogic S922X

The new SoC Amlogic S922X is the most powerful model that comes to replace the current S912, this SoC has a Hexa Core configuration with four Cortex A73 cores and two Cortex A53 low power consumption, in the graphical section we have a powerful Mali GPU G52 MP3. It also includes support for USB 3.0 (seems that amlogic forgotten the Type-C) and also MIPI-CSI / DSI interfaces for external displays and cameras. These new processors change the manufacturing system and possibly use 14nm, which implies greater efficiency with much lower temperatures, we still do not have dates for the first products to be released with these SoC, so we know the manufacturers do not yet have the reference motherboards to make testing.

amlogic s922x ibc 2018 n01


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