Amlogic S905X5, new SoC with more power on 6nm and h.266 support

We will not have the new Amlogic S905X5 SoC with us until the middle of 2024, a quite important evolution with respect to the well-known S905X4.

The new Amlogic S905X5 would abandon the classic 12nm and jump to a 6nm manufacturing process, a 50% improvement in theoretical performance that we will see how it is reflected in reality. In addition, we will have new CPU Cortex-A510 Armv9 cores and in the graphics section a renewed ARM Mali-G310 V5 GPU that will allow us to run more demanding games.

Along with these hardware improvements, support for h.266 decoding will also be included, a codec that we will see if it replaces the current AV1.

amlogic s905x5

Amlogic S905X5 Specifications

Undoubtedly the Amlogic S905X5 represents a generation change thanks to the leap to 6nm, something much more evolved than the recent S928X still manufactured on 12nm with a configuration similar to the S905X4. The first Android TV-Box announced has been the SEI Robotics Ai-SR, which looks like it will be destined for Homatics by the logo we see on its top, although it will not reach the market until well into 2024.

Inside this SoC we find a Quad-core Armv9 CPU configuration possibly with Cortex-A510 cores exceeding 40K DMIPS, thus doubling in power to the S905X4. In the graphics section an ARM Mali-G310 V5 GPU will be integrated with a speed of 1 GHz with support for user environment up to 4K. The VPU of this SoC will incorporate 10-bit H.266/VCC, AV1 and the classic VP9, AVS3, H.265/HEVC, H.264 decoding.

amlogic s905x5 box

For video output we have HDMI 2.1 support with 4K@60fps resolution, support for eARC (enhanced audio return channel), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) system and also QMS (Quick Media Switching) to avoid black image when switching between screen refreshes. USB-C is also supported, but it remains to be seen if it allows video output or support for Power Delivery charging.

when will the Amlogic S905X5 be available?

According to comments from people connected with the product, we could see the S905X5 appear in mid-2024, perhaps in a rumored new Chromecast Google TV 2.

On the other hand, we expect the system to finally jump to 64bit ARM instructions, because Amlogic is one of the few that keeps the obsolete 32bit system still in its devices.

amlogic s905x5 mali g310


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