New Amlogic SoC: S905X3, S905Y3, S905D3 with Cortex-A55 plus S805X2 and S922D

We already have the specifications of the new SoC’s from Amlogic with the names S905X3, S905Y3 and S905D3 that as a big novelty will use the ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores, this new cores greatly exceed the ARM Cortex-A53 that are so widespread today.

New features in Cortex-A55

The improvements of the ARM Cortex-A55 cores internally are extensive with a new management of the L1 and L2 caches, updates in the NEON / FPU engine or with the introduction of the ARMv8.2 instructions. These SoCs also add a specific processor for Artificial Intelligence tasks that can be very useful for voice recognition functions in the TV-Boxes. Note that the GPU of this new generation is not updated, continues the ARM Mali-G31 MP2 that gives such good results.

Also within the AMlogic Roadmap are the new S805X2, S922D and other SoC’s that complete the AMlogic catalog.

Amlogic S905X3

Without a doubt, the most interesting SOC is the Amlogic S905X3, a Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A55 processors and an CPU Mali-G31 MP2. This direct heir to the S905X2 continues to support video output up to 4K@75fps resolutions with HDR support and native support for USB 3.0 and PCIe interfaces. A product still under development in a early definition phase.

Amlogic S905Y3

The S90Y3 is undoubtedly a variant of the S905X3 for TV-Sticks and low-price boxes, that will be basic at connectors level and perhaps in some video feature. The CPU + GPU configuration is the same as in the S905X3

Amlogic S905D3

The S905D3 is a variant of the S905X3 of which we have no data but certainly judging its definition will be basically an S905X3 with support for internal DVB-T2, Satellite and Cable tuners.

Amlogic S922D

The S922D is a variant of the S922X (Hexa Core with ARM Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53) that we hope to see in the coming weeks in action, which judging by its definition would add native support for satellite / HD / cable TDT tuners and a Dedicated AI coprocessor capable with a performance of 2.5 TOPS and 5.0 TOPS.

Amlogic S805X2

Of the S805X2 we have very few data, we only know that it would be a low-cost SoC would include CPU + GPU of last generation and limited to video with a maximum FHD resolution.

Other SoC Amlogic with ARM Cortex-A55 cores

Within the same route plan of Amlogic we find its new processors in many more sectors.

  • Sound bars and smart speakers:
    – A113L Single Core and T962E2 Quad Core.
  • Smart cameras:
    – A113D2 Quad Core, A321X and A321L Quad Core
  • Smart TV (like the Xiaomi TV)
    – T962X2, T962X2, T968X2 Quad Core and T962D2 with cores A55 + A73 possibly


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