Android 8.1 Oreo arrives at Amlogic S905X SoC

As we read in the Stane1983 blog the manufacturer of SoC’s Amlogic has released a new SDK based on Android 8.1 Oreo compatible with the well-known Quad Core SoC S905X. In theory, good news for the owners of a TV-Box based on this chip but we will see if we really see it in a Chinese Box. We already know that most brands offer very limited support and will surely focus on other products based on the new S905X2 and S905Y2 chips and abandon the support for the S905X. As always, the sales and the short-term profit send in the Chinese manufacturers unless this time they show us the opposite.

oreo launcher1

It seems that this SDK is quite stable, fast and Kodi 17.6 works very well, good news for those who plan to buy a box with SoC S905Y2 or S905X2 since the bugs found are small and easily solved and this SDK is also compatible with these new Amlogic chips. The basic launcher as we see is the typical Amlogic, although fortunately many brands do not use it in their firmwares.

s905X Oreo launcher amlogic firmware

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How you edit launcher?


I have a X96 Amlogic s905x box.I made 2 firmware on android 8.1 thanks to a project treble.They are on github. Maybe improve.
Already sdk 9.0 for Amlogic s905x.


Looks good, i will take a look. Thanks.


People may improve.I use one firmware every day.Made the port of android 9.0 based on phhusson aosp v107.But while it comes to butanimation.Maybe I’ll outline the firmware and dmesg.log on github.Maybe they’ll help you figure out.

Jeones Leite

Olá meu amigo.

Você poderia enviar o link para download do 8.1 para Amlogic S905X 64Bit Quad-Core?


For arm 64 4 kernels.I launched android 9.0 .Everythingh is there.On github. There android 8.1.Good luck to you.I have an X96 Amlogic s905x 2gb 16gb.

Jeones Leite

Você poderia informar como instalar a ROM na TV BOX Amlogic 64Bit Quad-Core?


Is all firmwares of this link
for x96?
Which of all them is not Android TV and has gapps?

Last edited 3 years ago by Unkash

No, are for developers.
Just use our search and use an existing firmware.