Android TV 12 Beta 3: Automatic refresh rate change, 4K interface…

Important new features in the Android TV 12 Beta 3 version, soon available on our screens, which adds interesting functions in the field of multimedia playback and interface.

This BETA version of Android TV 12 is only available for the ADT-3 development box, so we will have to wait for some time until the final version is released and implemented on TV-BOX and Smart TV. The updates in this BETA are significant, long awaited, and represent a very important improvement for Android TV users.

You can see the most important changes in the following list:

  • Automatic refresh change: A long-awaited improvement that will now reach all system apps and will allow a smoother display without judder effect in side-scan scenes.
  • Interface in 4K resolution: Finally the Android TV interface can be displayed in 4K resolution.
  • Improvements in Camera and Microphone privacy: These two elements will have an icon indicating their use in the interface and an option in settings to disable their use.

There are other improvements in this BETA, but they already affect developers and focus on the new API.


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