Android TV-Box and mini PC guide to solve common problems

In this guide we want to offer a summary of solutions for our Android TV-Box or mini PC, we will explain in simple steps that we can do if it stops working, has a black screen or does not comply with what the store advertised us when buying it.

  • If you have any questions leave a question in the comment here, and we will respond, the answers in public help others.
  • We NEVER respond personal technical issues in private from the contact email.

Android TV-Box


If our Android TV-Box stops working or does not boot suddenly it may be due to several causes, we will explain what are the steps to follow to rule out problems and how to get to solve the problem in the most effective way, read all the sections in order.

Front light does not turn on

If the device does not turn on or the front light that always illuminated no longer works, it is possible that the power adapter is defective, we can find another compatible one in Aliexpress for example. If we want to try one of ours, we must take into account the use the same voltage and amperage, normally 5V and in some cases 12V, if we use a different one to the original we can damage the device.

Front light turns on but no image

This can be a software problem, so we recommend reinstalling the firmware of our model for this we follow the procedure to find and reinstall the appropriate firmware for our model as explained in this guide.

  • Test on another screen and with another video cable to discard a compatibility problem with our TV or monitor.

Restarts, system hangs or slowness

It can be due to several factors that must be deducted depending on when the problem is observed.

  1. Cooling problem due to bad design of the box, something that is seen during gaming sessions or if it goes out after intensive use. The only solution is to improve the cooling system by opening the box or changing the heat sink.
  2. Software problem with which it is necessary to reinstall the firmware or Windows as explained in this manual.
  3. Slowness during the use, it may be due to the fact that we have several apps loaded in memory, we can restart and compare or with the Windows task manager or an app manager app to control the problems in use.
    Memory Cleaner for Android / Memory Cleaner for Android TV

android fix n01


  • Network problems with poor Wifi range may be due to antenna or software hardware problems, we recommend first comparing on another router to rule out incompatibility with ours. Also reinstall the firmware or restart the TV-Box from Settings> Storage> Reset for Android TV-Box.
  • Screen shows defects like blinking screen, green or other artifacts, try on another TV and another cable.
  • Colors on screen or black, try to activate the RGB mode in the screen settings of the box, maybe your TV is compatible.
  • Shutdown and control, it is possible that you have conflict with HDMI CEC deactivates that option in the settings of the device.
  • Sound problems, we recommend reading our multichannel sound guide first and check connections.
  • Problems with the apps, if our TV-Box was advertised as compatible with Netflix HD and does not comply, you have to claim.
  • Root problems, if you tried root/unroot and the system was locked reinstall the firmware
  • If we can not solve the problem, we always recommend OPEN A CLAIM IN YOUR STORE


In order to recover our Android TV-Box you have to have several clear points before performing this operation:

    1. We need the EXACT firmware of our model, even devices with the same name especially if they are low-cost models can have different hardware, especially the Wi-Fi chip that are incompatible depending on the installed firmware.
    2. We recommend contacting our store and ask for the exact firmware of our TV-Box, share the link here to help others. If they do not help us or ignore us, it is a point in favor to open a future claim.
    3. You also have our SEARCH on the web, if we do not have the firmware published it is that we do not have it.



  • We recommended not touch the BIOS of mini PCs because we can leave frozen without solution, the critical points are to change the speed of RAM, overclock or modify the GPU. Likewise, these modifications don’t should not hang up our device, so we should OPEN A CLAIM IN YOUR STORE and comment that it has stopped working without entering into technical discussions.
  • If the operating system fails, we recommend reinstalling Windows from scratch, the Windows serial number is saved in the BIOS, so we will not lose the license that will be installed directly. You have Windows installation and configuration manuals available on our website.
    – Download, install or update Windows from a USB drive
    Migrate Windows from one disk to another in a simple way


If you have bought a product and it does not work as well as it should, CLAIM TO YOUR STORE, you are in your right and have effective protections, at least you can have a compensation if it does not work partially or does not meet the specifications that were advertised.

  • is not a store, the guarantee is managed by the store where you bought the device Amazon, Gearbest, Aliexpress …
  • Manage your warranty with your store or seller directly, explain the problem and ask for a solution. Document the claim with screenshots and provide everything you can, photos or videos uploaded to YouTube.
  • Many stores have PayPal as their payment method, you must use his protection and claim the money.
  • In the case of Aliexpress, never do a received order confirmation before testing it, then open a dispute and send documentation.
  • If we have purchased at Amazon there is no problem, just return the device.
  • The online stores or PayPal usually fail in favor of the user if the problem is well documented, do not give up.
  • If you have problems with your claim leave a COMMENT HERE, and we try to help you.


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valdir figueiredo

hey good afternoon! I would like to ask you for help, beg for help, I have a board from an android box and I need MODEL FIRMWARE/ROM ( V96MINI-HS V2.1 20190808 chipset AP6256 ) { allwinner H6 cortex 53 Mali T720 } I have already installed 12 firmware, and none works, the wi-fi control and neither the display PLEASE HELP ME find the firmware


after upgrade its showing the error of Bluetooth app and not allowing to load any app


I have a X98mini and every time I try to flash it, it fails at 5% because it was unable to burn, how can I overwrite this?

mel j

X96 Air, ejected external harddrive, saying its corrupted. This happens whenever I pulled the drive out and copy some movies from my PC. Please help me, the drive works perfectly in my PC and other devices except only in this X96 Air.



I appreciate this post a lot.
And I encounter some problem.
I am using Rockchip Batch Tool v1.8.
And this tool seems to connect well my HK1 Max RK3228 because I can see number 1 in Connected Devices window of this tool.
So I import FW well, and push the button “Upgrade”.
Test Device Start
Test Device Fail

What is the problem ?
I short the two terminals in PCB of this TV box and open two terminal after Rockchip tool run.

Could you please let me know if you don’t mind?

Thank you so much,


Does anyone know any box that it is possible to change the build.prop to work in portrait mode? The idea is to work on vertical TVs with tactile, digital signage. With android 10 or higher. Thank you all.


Hi, my Tanix tx3 mini freezes on boot and self restart ( the problem has started after reinstalling new firmware) any solution??


why my Android tv box turn on only “boot” it’s takes long time to open


A95x f4 setting got stuck. Screen blank can help?


I have the same problem. You can plug off your tv box for ten seconds and turn it on again. If it don’t help. Try hard reset your box. Both works for me. But I don’t thing it will be good in the long run.


Mecool KM2.
Suddenly shutdown timer appear on screen & then shutting down the box. Dont have any timer apps installed or dont remember setting any timer on the box. Pls assist.


Dear Tanix Team,
I have an a95x f3 android box, And when I tried to upgrade rom via amlogic usb tools, usb cable was unplugged and now it is not turned on.
Plz help me.


I have ( X88 pro x3 ) and tried to download the frimware from ( ) but there is no file to download and seems to be erased.
Would you please help me to find a frimware? I’ve been looking for it on net for few weeks!


my box mxiii 4k issue is start logo display and restart problem
usb bunring tools firmware update to read error

Last edited 1 year ago by asif
Oloyede Ayomide Olayinka

I updated my T95 andriod box firmware and my wifi stopped coming on, please I need your help


I have X96 Max Plus2, Playstore does not install any app. Error code 403 or 192, tried delete cache and data in Playstore app and delete data and disabled and enabled download manager. Disconnect and tried with a different Google account, same error. Tried to flash with but received following errors: E:footer is wrong E:SIgnature verification failed E:error: 21


i have mxq-4k tv box both the light blue and red light is oning . no display is coming how to fix it

Yasir Arafat

i am yasir, i have X92 With Amlogic S912 SocH it was working fine for 3 years but now since mid of 2020 i am getting problem to play youtube. i tried reinstalling firmware ,youtube for android app from aptoidtv ,smart youtube app but still its not working properly. some time its works and most of the time no can some one tell me the problem and solution for it. of any latest firmware for X92. please share.


Dear Tanix Team,

i have face big problem of my tanix tx6 tv box, suddenly its not run smoothly some time its not open any apps, hang, remote control does not work.
 already do factory reset, when i install new apps, clock setting or create any email account after few days i face same problem.

Please suggest me what should i do !!!

 my tanix tx6 tv box specification
Tanix TX6 – Android TV Box
OS: Android 9 with Alice UX
CPU: AllWinner H6, Quad core CPU
GPU: Mali-720 MP2 
Storage: 32GB eMMC
Wifi: Dual band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz