Android TV-Box and mini PC guide to solve common problems

In this guide we offer you solutions for Android TV-Box or mini PC, we explain in simple steps how to restore it or fix common problems.

Thanks to the tips we show you below you can fix your TV-Box if you have black screen, freezes, boot failure or other audio/video problems. We also help you to open a claim if it does not comply with what the store advertised when you bought it, you have the right to use the warranty of your store.

android pc mini pc fix

Device don’t boot, black screen, slow or freezes

If our Android TV-Box stops working or does not boot suddenly it may be due to several causes, we will explain what are the steps to follow to rule out problems and how to get to solve the problem in the most effective way, read all the sections in order.

  • If we can not recover our Android TV-Box you always have to OPEN A CLAIM IN YOUR STORE and get our money back.

Front light does not turn on

If the device does not turn on or the front light that always illuminated no longer works, it is possible that the power adapter is defective, we can find another compatible one in Aliexpress for example. If we want to try one of ours, we must take into account the use the same voltage and amperage, normally 5V and in some cases 12V, if we use a different one to the original we can damage the device.

Front light turns on but no image

This can be a software problem, so we recommend reinstalling the firmware of our model for this we follow the procedure to find and reinstall the appropriate firmware for our model as explained in this guide.

  • Test on another screen and with another video cable to discard a compatibility problem with our TV or monitor.

Restarts, system hangs or slowness

It can be due to several factors that must be deducted depending on when the problem is observed.

  1. Cooling problem due to bad design of the box, something that is seen during gaming sessions or if it goes out after intensive use. The only solution is to improve the cooling system by opening the box or changing the heat sink.
  2. Software problem with which it is necessary to reinstall the firmware or Windows as explained in this manual.
  3. Slowness during the use, it may be due to the fact that we have several apps loaded in memory, we can restart and compare or with the Windows task manager or an app manager app to control the problems in use.
    Memory Cleaner for Android / Memory Cleaner for Android TV

android fix n01

Network problems, screen, sound, control or apps

  • Network problems with poor Wifi range may be due to antenna or software hardware problems, we recommend first comparing on another router to rule out incompatibility with ours. Also reinstall the firmware or restart the TV-Box from Settings> Storage> Reset for Android TV-Box.
  • Screen shows defects like blinking screen, green or other artifacts, try on another TV and another cable.
  • Colors on screen or black, try to activate the RGB mode in the screen settings of the box, maybe your TV is compatible.
  • Shutdown and control, it is possible that you have conflict with HDMI CEC deactivates that option in the settings of the device.
  • Sound problems, we recommend reading our multichannel sound guide first and check connections.
  • Problems with the apps, if our TV-Box was advertised as compatible with Netflix HD and does not comply, you have to claim.
  • Root problems, if you tried root/unroot and the system was locked reinstall the firmware.
  • If we can not solve the problem, we always recommend OPEN A CLAIM IN YOUR STORE

android pc mini pc hardware

Install android firmware to recover system

In order to recover our Android TV-Box you have to have several clear points before performing this operation:

  1. We need the EXACT firmware of our model, even devices with the same name especially if they are low-cost models can have different hardware, especially the Wi-Fi chip that are incompatible depending on the installed firmware.
  2. We recommend contacting our store and ask for the exact firmware of our TV-Box, share the link here to help others. If they do not help us or ignore us, it is a point in favor to open a future claim.
  3. You also have our SEARCH on the web, if we do not have the firmware published it is that we do not have it.

Firmware Restore Guides for Android TV-Boxes

You have available manuals for installing and restoring firmware on all current SoCs.

android tv box fix

Problems with windows mini pc

  • We recommended not touch the BIOS of mini PCs because we can leave frozen without solution, the critical points are to change the speed of RAM, overclock or modify the GPU. Likewise, these modifications don’t should not hang up our device, so we should OPEN A CLAIM IN YOUR STORE and comment that it has stopped working without entering into technical discussions.
  • If the operating system fails, we recommend reinstalling Windows from scratch, the Windows serial number is saved in the BIOS, so we will not lose the license that will be installed directly. You have Windows installation and configuration manuals available on our website.
    – Download, install or update Windows from a USB drive
    Migrate Windows from one disk to another in a simple way

beelink mini s12 pc

Open a claim in your store

If you have bought a product and it does not work as well as it should, CLAIM TO YOUR STORE, you are in your right and have effective protections, at least you can have a compensation if it does not work partially or does not meet the specifications that were advertised.

  • is not a store, the guarantee is managed by the store where you bought the device Amazon, Gearbest, Aliexpress …
  • Manage your warranty with your store or seller directly, explain the problem and ask for a solution. Document the claim with screenshots and provide everything you can, photos or videos uploaded to YouTube.
  • Many stores have PayPal as their payment method, you must use his protection and claim the money.
  • In the case of Aliexpress, never do a received order confirmation before testing it, then open a dispute and send documentation.
  • If we have purchased at Amazon there is no problem, just return the device.
  • The online stores or PayPal usually fail in favor of the user if the problem is well documented, do not give up.
  • If you have problems with your claim leave a COMMENT HERE, and we try to help you.

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how about firmware of QD08 Rockchip 3528


Hello. The disney app From my TX6 whats an update. I tried to delete and reinstall but it doesn’t work. Can someone help me?


Hello– I am having problems with the Neon Tek model KT625-KB1 along with two other people that own the same model and we can not sign into Netflix using are correct passwords and keeps says wrong password. Any fixes for this????? thank you


Looking for an android tv setup for my orange pi 5 chip set rk3588s. Let me know if there’s a capable version


I bought an A95x F4 with android 11, mostly for gaming purpose, but I’m having an issue with Call Of Duty, it runs the game but from the beginning I lose all the controls like mouse, keyboard or anything and couldn’t do anything or answer the in-app pop-up questions, therefore I can’t ever start playing. is there a way to fix it? I basically purchased it for COD! 🙁


Thanks. Even if i boot my device I can’t get it to work? I’ve seen many reviews that they’re playing it with TV box


Thanks alot! 🙏🏼


When logging in with Chrome on the X98H Pro, Google reported that there was a login from the Android tablet Pixel 3. Is this correct behavior? If you do the same operation from your Sony TV, it will be displayed as Android device Sony BRAVIA 4K GB ATV3. Is my X98H Pro a clone?


If you are using an Android TV Box other than the X98H Pro and are logged in to Google, I would be happy if you could tell me what the device name of the login notification from google is. It will be helpful.


Just found LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) for Rospberry Pi. This is unofficial with Google.
The X98HPRO I got has a strange device name. I feel unofficial.
Google’s license is required to bundle and distribute Google apps with Android. Google Play and Chrome were bundled, so if it’s unofficial, it’s a violation of Google’s terms.