APOSEN H20-4 a compact handheld vacuum cleaner at a special discount

Today we have an interesting offer for the APOSEN H20-4 handheld vacuum cleaner, a product that can be useful in different scenarios of use and now has an additional 15% discount in the Amazon.com store.

This vacuum cleaner stands out for its compact size and power up to 10kpa, it also has a 2200 mAh battery that gives it an autonomy of up to 30 minutes in standard operating mode. The cleaning system is very simple, and we only need a click to remove it, its HEPA filter can be cleaned under the water.



The handheld vacuum cordless APOSEN H20-4 has built-in 4×3.7V 2200mAh Large lithium battery, the handheld vacuum cordless rechargeable provides 30 mins of run time at Standard mode or 16 mins of run time at Max mode. Only needs 5 hours to be fully charged. Equipped with a charging base to store accessories this vacuum has an easy Storage & Charging system. Usually, put the product on the base, you can pick it up and use it at any time without worrying about running out of power.

This handheld vacuum has a powerful suction power of 5-10 kpa. The suction power of 5kpa in standard mode can be used for daily cleanings, such as absorbing dust and pet hair on carpets, while the suction power of 10 kpa in maximum mode can clean cat litter or small paper scraps. The H20-4 hand-held vacuum is equipped with a high-performance motor with a power of up to 120 W. But sounds of less than 78 decibels are unlikely to scare your pets or wake up sleeping kids. Powerful suction and lower noise offer a relaxing atmosphere for your cleaning.

Empty the dust cup with one click, no longer worry about getting your hands dirty. Easy to remove the filter for convenience wash. Regular cleaning them to ensure your vacuum cleaner efficient work. This hand vacuum cleaner can be used in various scenes, such as kitchen, bedroom, office, car. This hand vacuum is also lightweight enough for kids to use so that they can clean their own desk, drawer, and so on.

Price and availability

  • APOSEN H20-4 can be purchased at Amazon.com only for $54.22 with a 15% discount in the store.



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