ARM is thinking in the laptops and 5nm in its new roadmap

ARM does not lose the time and in its new roadmap until 2020 shows us its new designs oriented as always to mobile computing although in the next few years we will see cores with enough power to move a laptop. For this year new designs based on the ARM Cortex-A76 processors will be licensed, which has already been officially presented by ARM and far surpasses the Cortex-A75 cores, especially when manufactured in 7nm. With this new core ARM expects to be at 3.3Ghz and face up even in some tasks to processors of the size of Intel Core i5-7300U with better consumption and combining the ease of their designs to integrate WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or connectivity 4G-LTE in a simple chip. A new step of ARM to get into the market of Windows laptops and Chromebooks where its high autonomy is a very big plus that ARM expects to take advantage of in the coming years.

 ARM A76

For 2019 we will see their new designs based on Deimos cores that will continue using the DynamIQ technology found in the Cortex-A76. This new generation will be fully optimized for its 7nm manufacturing and promises a general improvement in computing of 15%.

The 2020 will be the turn for the licenses of the first cores with code name Hercules already thought to be manufactured in 7 and 5nm and with a gain in power of 10% with respect to the Deimos.

Naturally with the 7 and 5nm processes we will also have substantial improvements in consumption although competitors like Intel are also working on this aspect as we have seen in their latest Gemini Lake processors of low consumption.

ARM A76 5nm

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