Atari officially presents its new console Atari VCS

Step by step we are getting to know more about the new console of the legendary brand Atari, a product that has changed its name since it was first known as Ataribox but now it has been presented as Atari VCS. As we see maintains the retro design of the classic Atari 2600 console of the late 70s, for now we will have to wait a bit to know all the details but we already know several aspects that define its functions and the controllers design.

Atari VCS pre d01

The Atari VCS console is actually a mini PC that according to the words of its creator will have an AMD processor with integrated Radeon GPU, which makes us think that it will mount an AMD Ryzen APU as it is an ideal solution today for this kind of products. We also know that the operating system will be Linux, which opens many development options but also closes some doors to proprietary software. According to the official info this hardware will run all the classic Atari games and its current catalog of casual games, you can also run current games without an excessive graphic load, which clearly indicates a hardware based on an APU.

Atari VCS pre logo n01

As we see the Atari VCS console has a very peculiar retro external design that has been extended to the controls, we have the classic control lever with button of the Atari 2600 and a new gamepad that follows the colors of the new console. On the other hand, the slots in the upper part could be a fanless cooling system although everything indicates that it will have a fan. A very interesting product that is expected to come out this year and will have different configurations with a price between $250 and $300, is expected to show a final prototype in the Game Developers Conference this week, so we will be vigilant.

Atari VCS pre n01

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