Bakeey P10 a sports bracelet convertible into a heart rate band

Today we locate in Chinese stores called Bakeey P10, which surprises us with its new features when it comes to monitoring heart rate, which will undoubtedly create a school.

This sports bracelet can measure heart rate and present the results as an electrocardiogram graph in various ways. In addition to using the rear sensor in the traditional way to monitor our pulsations, we can use both hands or attach the body of the Smartband to a chest strap using an accessory that is included. To complement this function we also have sensors for reading blood oxygen (SpO 2) and blood pressure that will serve to monitor our daily physical activity.

Bakeey P10


The Bakeey P10 Smart Band has a 1.14-inch color TFT touch screen with a resolution of 160 x 80 pixels and a body that has IP67 protection. To connect and synchronize this sports bracelet we have Bluetooth 4.2. At the core this time we have a Nordic nRF52832 SoC that includes an ARM Cortex-M4F low-consumption processor, the internal battery is 160mAh, can last about 7 days and is magnetically recharged. To configure all the options of this smartband and access the collected data we will need the APP H BAND for Android that is also available for iOS.

Price and availability

  • The Bakeey P10 Sports Bracelet can be purchased at the online store from $ 45.99 with shipping included.

Bakeey P10 smart band

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