Banana Pi M2 Zero a more powerful and cheaper alternative to the Raspberry Pi Zero

As you have surely guessed else seen the motherboard the new Banana Pi M2 Zero is a PCB born in the shadow of the well-known Raspberry Pi Zero W with which shares the exact same size, something that allows you to use the same boxes for example. It is a PCB much more powerful than the Raspberry model but with the less of the support, it will undoubtedly will be more limited in this aspect.

banana PI M2 ZERO

Banana Pi M2 Zero includes a SoC Allwinner H2+ a Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A7 processors and a MALI-400mp2 GPU with video support up to 1080p with 512MB of RAM, a microSD card reader for storage, wifi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 (AP6212). We also found two microUSB 2.0 ports, one of them for power, miniHDMI port, CSI connector for camera and 40-pin port compatible with Raspberry Pi.

A software level according to the brand is compatible with Android, Ubuntu, Debian and Raspberry Pi images, something that we doubt since the SoC of this developer board do not even seems similar.

  • The PCB Banana Pi M2 Zero can be purchased on fror only $15 plus shipping. At the moment it is only in the official store of Banana Pi, we hope that soon it is in other stores with free shipping or at least more economical.

banana PI M2 ZERO Allwinner H2

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