Baseus Bowie EZ10 headphones with Bluetooth 5.3 for only $10

Today we have on offer at AliExpress the Baseus Bowie EZ10 in-ear headphones at a really low price.

These headphones stand out for the design of its semi-open box to store and recharge them, the two small earphones are magnetically attached preventing them from falling. A box that allows fast recharging of the Baseus Bowie EZ10, since with 10 minutes of charging will give us an autonomy to the headphones of up to 2 hours thanks to its BRC fast charging technology.

Also interesting is its Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity that guarantees good stability for headphones that have the solvent BASEUS brand behind them.

Baseus Bowie EZ10 bluetooth

Baseus Bowie EZ10 specifications

The Baseus Bowie EZ10 have a minimalist design, Bluetooth 5.3 low energy connectivity with a range of more than 10 meters and a low latency of 6ms. These small headphones have support for AAC/SBC audio codecs that improve sound quality.

In terms of autonomy, these headphones integrate a 40 mAh battery that allows us to play music for up to 6 hours autonomously. If we use the battery of the small case has a capacity of 300 mAh we have extra charge to recharge another 22-25 hours, a case that, on the other hand, is recharged to 100% in 1.50 h with BRC fast charge and has a battery charge status indicator.

To recharge the battery of the small case, we have a USB Type-C connector for easy connection and are configured through the BASEUS app.

Price and availability

Baseus Bowie EZ10

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