Baseus Encok W11, review: IPX8 TWS Earphones with Bluetooth 5.0

Baseus Encok W11 are the new Bluetooth 5.0 earphones that we present today in his review. A pair of earphones with good performance at a competitive price for his specs.

The Baseus Encok W11 offer to us Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with built-in microphones to offer us ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) for clear calls. These earphones are compatible with any Android or iOS system and offer IPX8 protection for use in any sport activity. By default, a charging case with integrated battery is included and features a USB Type-C connector with fast charge and wireless charge option to use with any charge base.

Let’s see how it performs in our review, where we will see all its features.

  • Baseus Encok W11 can be purchased at Amazon online store only for $28.79 with the discount in the store.

Baseus Encok W11

Baseus Encok W11 overview

Baseus Encok W11
Codecs: AAC / SBC
Speakers: Drivers 10 mm / 20 – 20K Hz
Bluetooth: 5.0 / 15 m / 60ms low latency.
Protection: IPX8 (1m depth)
Touch controls: Touch zone in each earphone.
Microphone: Integrated ENC noise cancellation.
Autonomy: Headphones 40 mAh – 4 hours / Box 300 mAh – 15 hours / Fast Magnetic Wireless Charging.
Voice: Compatible with Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana
Colours: Black
App: Baseus app / Anti-lost / OTA updates.
Weight: 3.5 gr earphones /  35 gr  Charging Case / XL,L,M,S hear tips.


The Baseus Encok W11 Bluetooth earphones comes in a cardboard box with protections for all components embedded, so it is not damaged on the transport. Inside we have the charging case and USB Type-C and one small charging cable that can be used with any conventional 5V charger that we use with a smartphone.

Baseus Encok W11 review f016

Earphones and case

The Baseus Encok W11 Bluetooth earphones comes with a small case that allows you to carry and charge your headphones. At the back of the case we have a USB Type-C connector that we can use with any conventional charger, the fast charge feature give us in 10 minutes of charge 4 hours of autonomy. Also, we have Wireless Charging for charging with a compatible base. Note that if we use each of them in mono mode, we can extend even more the hours of audio playback.

  • Weight: 3.5 gr earphones /  35 gr  Charging Case / XL, L, M & S hear tips.
  • Autonomy: Headphones 40 mAh – 4 hours / Box 300 mAh – 15 hours / Fast Magnetic Wireless Charging.

Baseus Encok W11 review f012

The Baseus Encok W11 fits perfectly in their case and are firmly attached, in the front area we have a LED that indicates if we are charging and the level of battery status of the case. Each of the earphones provides us audio indications for charge and connectivity status, we can also use the Baseus app to know more about the devices in real time. On the back of the box we have a reset button, put the headphones inside and leave it pressed until the light flashes.

Baseus Encok W11 review f011

The design of the Baseus Encok W11 allows us to fit the headphones perfectly in our ears. By rotating the headphones 45 degrees, the system is fixed, which is ideal for physical activity without them flying out.

Baseus Encok W11 review f020


These headphones offer IPX8 protection, a degree of protection that theoretically allows us to submerge them to a depth of 1 m. But it is better not to try, they will protect us adequately for any kind of splash or dust.

  • Certification: IPX8 (1 m depth)

Baseus Encok W11 review f018


The Baseus Encok W11 earphone has a fairly sensitive touch control on the side, each earpiece can be controlled individually, and it is also possible to perform different functions with each earpiece by light touch. It is possible to change the audio track, increase the volume, answer calls or run the assistant of our Smartphone.

  • Touch controls: Touch zone in each earphone.
  • App: Baseus app / Anti-lost / OTA updates.
  • Assistants: Compatible with Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana.

Baseus Encok W11 review f021

Control app

With the Baseus app we can control different functions of the Baseus Encok W11. To use the app we need to create an account, if we want to make use of the anti-lost we must give location permissions. With this app, we can also update the firmware of the devices using the OTA service provided by Baseus. We can also change the touch controls as we wish.

Sound and mic test


We tested the Baseus Encok W11 Bluetooth earphone for several sessions of hours, and we found that the sound is good with definition. The built-in ear pad system and the ear anchorage points make them quite comfortable to wear in general, with the rotation fixation system we will always have the headphones in the right position.

  • Speakers: Drivers 10 mm / 20 – 20K Hz
  • Bluetooth: 5.0 / 15 m / 60ms low latency.

Baseus Encok W11 review f008

These headphones integrate a 10 mm drivers and have support for AAC and SBC codecs that give us a good audio quality. The sound is clear at medium volume and has a proper definition, at high volume we have a medium power, if we want a lot of volume we will have to go to other options. These earphones have also 60ms low latency system for gaming.

  • Codecs: AAC / SBC
  • Microphone: Integrated ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation).

Baseus Encok W11 review f009

The microphones behave appropriately to pick up our voice. The ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) system is correct and fulfills its function to low the noise when we have a call. We have two ENC modes between total cancellation or hear the external noise, with this feature we can hear the sound of the environment just with one touch.

Baseus Encok W11 review f007

Conclusion and buy link



After testing the Baseus Encok W11 we can say that we are facing an interesting headset, especially for its price. We have Bluetooth 5.0 connection system with low latency for games. We offer an external noise cancellation system ENC for calls, it is not a very powerful system, but it fulfils its function. Furthermore, we can use the microphones to use our mobile assistants and answer calls using the touch controls. The earphones have IPX8 certifications and a good grip design system for daily sports.

The Baseus Encok W11 Bluetooth earphones has a pretty decent sound thanks to its 10 mm drivers, although they do not reach a very high volume, the audio chip offers us compatibility with AAC / SBC codecs to tune the audio quality. These earphones have almost 4 hours autonomy with medium volume, with the recharge box we can reach 15 hours. The design is compact and the integrated USB Type-C connector allows fast charge them easily anywhere, also we can use a wireless charge base.

As we see, the Baseus Encok W11 earphones have a has good features for its price and decent sound. The design and control is also quite comfortable, we can use the Baseus app to extend his functions or use the anti-lost feature.

Where to buy

  • Baseus Encok W11 can be purchased at Amazon online store only for $28.79 with the discount in the store.

Baseus Encok W11 earphones

Baseus Encok W11













  • Good design
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with 6ms latency
  • Good sound
  • Ok autonomy for daily use
  • Cheap


  • App can be better
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28$ is what I’d normally think of when it comes to earbuds -pods-h headphones. Sounds like a good deal. I just tried tronsmart onyx ace pro 25$ Ear pods very comfortable light with high volume. (Everything’s water proofed these days). Not until I tried the Liberty 3 pros by soundcore (130$ atm) did I realize all this budget sound equipment including these are probably not bad but don’t compare at all to the big brands like sony , bose etc. abd soundcore stays with 100$ under those brands with the same sound quality highly recommended trying these Liberty 3 pros… Read more »

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