Beelink Expand F, new USB-C HUB for 2 disks and multiple connections

The brand Beelink surprise us today with a new HUB with integrated disk Beelink Expand F, in this device we have combined a USB Type-C Hub with several ports with storage for two hard drives.

Undoubtedly we are facing an interesting option for those who need both increase connectivity and have two storage unit in the same device, specifically a M.2 drive and a 2.5″ SATA disk, classic. This device surprises us with its design that reminds us of a mini PC in the Beelink design line. An ideal HUB if we only have one or two USB-C ports available and want to expand options. Thanks to the functions of this HUB we can use it by activating the storage or exclusively use its ports by pressing the front green button.

Beelink Expand F


The Beelink Expand F is available with SSD + HDD installed or without storage units, it is possible to purchase it with 512 GB M.2 disk or add a 2.5″ SATA 1TB drive. The two disks have an approximate read speed of 440MB/s and a write speed of 407MB/s, the M.2 drive offering maximum compatibility to store everything we want with a good access response. On the front we find the green button that allows us to disable the disks (the HUB is always active) to not have the storage running.

In the connections section we have multiple options, the usual ones we can find in this type of HUB’s, we have two HDMI 1.4 ports with 4K@30Hz output resolution, five USB 3.0 ports, full USB-C connector for power supply up to 90 W PD compatible, Gigabit Ethernet port and a USB-C male cable to connect to our laptop. It measures 114 x 113 x 27 mm, has its own 19V 4.7A (90W) power adapter and has a front status LED to indicate the operating mode.

Price and availability of the Beelink Expand F

  • Beelink Expand F is available for now Beelink only for $149 / 131€ in pre-order and we do not know the release date.
  • Soon available on Amazon.

Beelink Expand F hub

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