• Download the Firmware / ROM for Beelink GT1 MINI all versions (901N0) using PC (Restore)
  • NOTE: Download link temporarily deactivated, Beelink is fixing some problems.
  • Install the firmware following our Amlogic Update Guide


1: The same firmware is compatible with DDR4 and LPDDR4.
2: Solved problem that the home page is switched to the left and right screens in the mouse mode, remove the weather part of the network positioning function (the interface no longer shows the rotating circle), increase the city code search to solve the same city name problem.
3:Support 2.4G voice remote control, return button available.
4:Built-in APP: Bee Files Explorer, Bee Music, Google, Google PlayStore, Chrome,AppMarket, AutoReboot (with icons).
5: DDRfrequency changed to 1.152Ghz, increase system and vendor partition.
6:Update AutoReboot APK to reduce the reboot time after entering the system.
7:Support for wireless upgrades and local upgrades.