Beelink GTR6 and GTR7, new improved free bottom cover replacement

From Beelink comes the information of an update for the Beelink GTR mini PCs, free of charge for all users with older case design.

This new bottom cover is compatible with Beelink GTR6, GTR7 or GTR7 Pro mini PCs. Thanks to the new perforation, the internal temperature is lowered by 3 to 4ºC. This is especially interesting for the GTR6, as the new Beelink GTR7 has vapor chamber cooling and has better internal temperatures.

tapa beelink gtr

New bottom cover for Beelink GTR

With the feedback received from Beelink users Beelink has decided to add some extra ventilation improvements to the bottom cover. It can be ordered free of charge and quickly.

Our engineers chose to have the mini PC take air from the side instead of the bottom due to its new look. According to our lab tests, the RAM and SSD temperatures were 3 to 4℃ higher with the side air intake than with the bottom one. Although it is still within the normal range, but it is not in line with our vision to offer customers the best experience. So all customers who bought GTR6, GTR7 or GTR7 Pro will enjoy this free replacement.

Request new cover for Beelink GTR6 or GTR7

  • Send an email with your address, phone number and the barcode of your mini PC to and we will send you a new one.
Beelink GTR7 review t05
Beelink GTR7 Old design
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