Buy the best Android TV Box. Comparatives & Reviews 2023

Buy the best Android TV Box in 2023 with our selection of devices, we test all personally. Get the best tv box to improve your TV, play emulators, use IPTV or KODI.

All the Smart TV Boxes we show in this selection can be used to use any Android app, watch paid streaming in different qualities, use PLEX or play multimedia content in 4K resolution with HDR or Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.  If you are looking for the best Android TV-Box to watch HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ or Prime Video, this is certainly a good guide to know the compatible devices.

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Android TV

Which Android TV box is best in 2023

In the following list, you have the best Android TV-Box for this year 2023. All devices shown have been reviewed by us, video quality, audio, streaming services, games. KODI, IPTV, PLEX and emulators tested in our own analysis.

NVIDIA Shield TV, the most powerful TV-Box

Undoubtedly the NVIDIA Shield TV is the best Android TV Box 2023 if we are interested in power on Android. Thanks to its powerful SoC Nvidia Tegra X1+ we can run apps, games and emulators without problems. In addition, it has a very well supported Android TV system, integrated 4K Chromecast to send content from our mobile and Bluetooth remote control with microphone. It supports video playback in 4K HDR Dolby Vision quality and Dolby Atmos audio. We can watch with it in 4K HDR quality streaming services such as Netflix, Prime video, HBO MAX, AppleTV+, Disney+ and other apps like IPTV, KODI or PLEX server.

Buy NVIDIA Shield TV

$149.99€ at Amazon $149.99 at Walmart $149.99 at Walmart $149.99 at BestBuy $149.99 at BestBuy

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Chromecast with Google TV, compact and efficient

The Chromecast with Google TV offers the new Google TV environment, assisted by a voice remote and a powerful hardware. It has direct updates from Google and has all the necessary DRM certificates for paid streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Apple TV+… supports video quality in 4K HDR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. This small Stick offers us a very good price, it is ideal for streaming, but thanks to its configuration is able to move all kinds of apps like KODI, IPTV or PLEX in addition to games and emulators.

Buy Chromecast with Google TV

$48 at Amazon $48.67 at Walmart $48.67 at Walmart $49.99 at BestBuy $49.99 at BestBuy

Chromecast with Google TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick, cheap and simple

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a cheap alternative for multimedia and has a Bluetooth remote that allows you to control the Alexa assistant. We have several versions to choose from with more or less power and suitable for TVs with 1080p or 4K HDR resolutions. All run on Fire OS operating system, somewhat limited compared to Android TV, overall they have a competent hardware, has certificates needed to watch 4K streaming on platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and others. We can also run apps like KODI, IPTV and games. The option of Fire TV Cube is a good solution if we need more connectors such as Ethernet.

Buy Amazon Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick HD only for $29.99 Fire TV Stick 4K only for $49.99 Fire TV Stick 4K MAX only for $54.99 Fire TV Cube only for $139.99

fire tv stick 4k max review n01 min

TIVO Stream 4K, cheap and efficient

The TIVO Stream 4K is a small and economic stick integrates the S905Y2 SoC with Android TV 9 system as has a fairly complete bluetooth remote control with microphone for the Google Assistant. It also has Chromecast to send content from our mobile and all certification for the most populars streaming apps like Netflix and other services in 4K HDR + Dolby Vision quality. Also have enough hardware to use any app like KODI, IPTV or basic emulators.

Price of the TIVO Stream 4K

$39.99€ at Amazon $39.99 at Walmart $39.99 at Walmart $39.99 at BestBuy $39.99 at BestBuy

TIVO Stream 4K

onn. Android TV UHD Streaming Device, micro box

The onn. Android TV UHD Streaming Device very tiny and cheap TV-Box with Android TV system ideal for 4K HDR streaming, but does not have Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos. It has a Bluetooth remote control with microphone to use the Google Assistant. It also offers Chromecast to send content from our mobile, it also has certification for streaming apps like Netflix, HMO MAX, Prime Video … in 4K HDR quality. This microscopic bos offers enough hardware to use any app like KODI, IPTV or basic emulators without heavy games.

onn. Android TV UHD box price

$19.98 at Walmart $19.98 at Walmart

onn 4K Streaming Box review n10 min

Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen, new classic Android TV-Box

The Xiaomi TV Box S (2nd Gen) is the evolution of the popular Xiaomi TV Box that improves in processor with an AMlogic S905X4, but keeps the essence of the previous version. A Box with Google TV certified system and more than enough hardware to watch Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and others up to 4K HDR. We can also use it for multimedia with KODI, PLEX or IPTV in addition to allowing us to play many games or emulators. This box also includes the Chromecast system to send content from our mobile and Bluetooth remote control with microphone to use assistants.

Price of the Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen

$68 at Amazon $63 at Aliexpress $63 at Aliexpress

Xiaomi tv box s 2nd gen review px009

Xiaomi TV Stick 4K, compact and powerful

The Xiaomi TV Stick 4K designed for those who prefer something small, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting options with Android TV system. A certified device that allows us to watch in 4K HDR quality all kinds of streaming such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and so on. It is possible to use it for multimedia in KODI, IPTV, PLEX and play emulators or quite demanding Android titles. We have Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, it comes by default with a Bluetooth remote with microphone to give you commands and integrated Chromecast.

Buy Xiaomi TV Stick 4K

$69 at Amazon $64 at Aliexpress $64 at Aliexpress

Xiaomi tv stick 4k review f007

X96 Max+, ideal for emulators, KODI and IPTV

The TV-Box X96 Max+ is a cheap device and the favorite of many people, as it is 100% compatible with EmuELEC and LibreELEC systems so it deserves to be in our selection of the best TV-BOX. Its operating system is Android 9 and its engine is the popular S905X3 Chip that works for any app or powerful games, paid streaming apps in basic quality, KODI or IPTV up to 4K and much more, it is not recommended for paid Streaming services.

Buy X96 Max+ for the best price

$56 at Amazon $52 at Aliexpress $52 at Aliexpress

x96 max plus review f04 min

X98 Mini, cheap soluion for KODI or IPTV

The X98 mini is a really cheap Chinese TV Box, the best in its category, with Android 11 operating system and arrives with the new and efficient SoC S905W2. A Box with which we can move without problems any app, emulators with RetroARCH or games, even PUBG and KODI or IPTV in 4K quality. This Box is NOT suitable for watching Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and other similar streaming services, as it does not have certificates and are displayed in its most basic quality.

Price for the X98 Mini

$54 at Amazon $36 at Aliexpress $36 at Aliexpress

X98 mini

Help for Android TV-Box selection

Android TV-Boxes have become an ideal solution to update the user environment and streaming services of our TVs externally. Normally a TV can last us many years but its software becomes obsolete quickly, thanks to these devices we can have a good user experience.

What is an Android TV-Box for?

If you do not know exactly what you can do with this type of devices before you start buying an Android TV we recommend you to take a look at our guide What is an Android TV-Box and what can I do with it, where we explain the basics of its technology.

Selection criteria and concepts to take in consideration

  • Value the video quality we need, it is not the same just need FullHD resolutions that 4K HDR with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, these will indicate us which product fits us better.
  • If we are going to consume paid streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max… we must buy a certified Android TV device that offers all the permissions to see them at maximum quality, also include Chromecast and voice remote.
  • If we are not interested in streaming services we can go to a Chinese TV-Box and have more freedom to use apps like on a tablet. We can also install EmueELEC as a native system. To handle it well we need a mouse.
  • Regarding power we recommend a device with at least 2 GB of RAM and a Quad Core processor. This is relative, if we will consume streaming we need little power but if we are going to play it is better something more.
  • In case you want to connect external hard disks, network cables or peripherals, a TV-Box is better than a TV-Sitck because it has USB ports. We can also use a USB OTG cable + HUB in a Stick.
  • A good Wifi 5 or b chip is enough for streaming, Netflix consumes only 20 Mbps in 4K. Check our Netflix, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or Apple TV+ streaming guides for more info.
  • If we have any problem with our Android TV-Box, we recommend following the Solutions Guide to the most common problems where we explain solutions, such as reinstalling Firmware or managing your warranty.

netflix pc eng n02 min

Apps and tutorials for your Android TV-Box

If we want to get the most out of our TV-Box there are a number of apps that can be very useful. In this short list you have a selection of the most outstanding, on our website you can also find a lot of tutorials.

Best applications for TV-Box

  • To learn more in detail the Android TV operating system read our guide, there are several interesting tricks.
  • If you are interested in KODI or LibreELEC you can read our Manual to install Addons in KODI and LibreELEC tutorials, with these two programs you can see all streaming TV content, series or movies using their addons.
  • If we do not want to mess with complex players we can use the VLC that simply run the videos that we have connected to the system or local network.
  • In case we are emulator lovers on Chinese boxes we can install EmuELEC, if we have a certified Android TV system we can use the RetroARCH app directly in this environment.
  • To manage the files of our Android system we recommend X-Plore which is the most complete, we can connect to our local network or perform many more functions.

General tutorials

kodi 20 nexus alpha1

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Miguel Fernandes

I need some help.
Apart from the Nvidia Shield, what is the best tv box to play N64, Dreamcast, Playstation, Ps2, Sega Saturn, Psp, etc (I think up to 128-bits), through emulators, without flaws(sound and image drags), with a fluid gameplay, can be Chinese or non-Chinese boxs, the mini Pcs, maybe they are already too expensive and unnecessary just for the purpose.
Which one? Which one?


For this machines you need a shield or a ryzen miniPc.

Jeff Ballyns

Really enjoy your reviews. 

Have you considered doing a review of the X96 X6 Android TV Box with the new RK3566 SoC ?

Seems well engineered with features like DD4 RAM , external antenna, gigabit LAN, 3 USB ports, Mali-52, VC1 support, Android 11 and has a claimed ANTUTU score of over 134,000.

Other RX3566 boxes released so far do not seem to have the same build quality or run hot. 

The X96 X6 is priced as low as $60 US for the 4/32 GB memory version. The most expensive version is the 8/128 GB. 

Best regards


Hello. Thanks.
We don’t go to review more RK3566, the firmware is a mess in all the boxes.
Go for an Amlogic, don’t waste your money in Rockchip.

Christophe Alves


I knew that starting in March all boxes with android will have to support the AV1 codec, and I’d like to know if this box I have (TANIX TX6S), if it’s compatible with this codec?

Only Amlogic S905X4 boxes have now codec AV1 support.
But AV1 will is marginal now, all streaming systems will use h.265 and vp9 for years.

Christophe Alves

Thank you for the answer. That means I’ll still be able to use the box without a problem?

Yes. No problem at all, all the content are available in h.264, h.265 and vp9.

Christophe Alves

Ok! Thanks for your help Kim! 🙏🏻


Hello Can anyone confirm that i can install Third-party App on Xiomi S box. using APK ?


X96 max+ or a95x F3?
which is better


Are similar.
A95x f3 have better thermals for us.


Hi, Interesting reviews. I’m looking for android TV box that is not overly expensive and been browsing MeCool (not sure which model), X96, UGOOS X3 PRO, HK1. What features would be important, such as 5G WiFi, min CPU? Also, what’s the importance of root being present? If you looking to have a device with root, is it better to have Root as default or Root selector present in its menu from the factory? Also, I noticed newer MeCool boxes do not root or root selector. Is there any way to enable root (or a root selector) on the device? They… Read more »


Go for A95X F3 if you look for something cheap.
If you want Netflix HD go for Xiaomi Mi Box.
Why you need root? I never use it and i can do all.


Hi, Good comparison and it is refreshing to see both Android and Windows based reviews. I bought several Android TV boxes over the time with the last two being: 1) H96 Pro+ –> Stopped functioning in less than a year and then I ordered: 2) Mecool KM1 –> Problems with remote pairing. From day 1 it asks repeatability every 10 sec. to reconnect with the remote. The other issue that Netflix is NOT supported! Both TV boxes were purchased according to customer reviews. Now, I would like to ask you about a more reliable streamer. I prefer a Mini PC… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Liviu

Hello. Yes, mini pc is a god choice if you want a reliable and flexible device.
But xiaomi mi box or nvidia shield are good choices too if you prefer a simple device.
Chinese box are the cheap and a bit risky device.


Hello, there is something i want to point out about the guide to netflix installation, i found a way to watch 4K content on netflix android tv version. any device with DRM Widevine Level 1 can play HD with modifed netflix app, if the device also supports HDCP 2.2 4k is possible too. i tested it with mecool km9 pro a modifed netflix android tv enables L1 and it works i can confirm the movies and shows are in 4K but no HDR, how this works is by changing the build fingerprint and device ID on the streamer to amazon… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Ayman

Modified apps can be malware, we don’t want to infect our readers.
Netflix will block any of this new hacks as always do.
Buy a certified Netflix device if you want to use this streaming service in FullHD or 4K, my advice.


its not malware, its made by developer called “tork24”
its made to enable widevine level 1 but cannot play movies without changing the build fingerprint to amazon fire stick tv or mibox
you can modify the netflix app by yourself to enable HD on any certified device, for example galaxy s5 is certified and has widevine L1 but not supported by netflix. enabling widevine on netflix app will make it play movies on HD
this is made to bypass netflix certification and netflix cannot ban it


You don’t know what hide a modified APK, sure the dev is nice people but… we can’t recommend this.
Netflix has banned all the previous hacks with the same method, is only question of time.
They can ban even and a concrete box type… previous mecools KM1/3/9 have hard banned for live.
They know anything about his streaming signature and you don’t know what they see.


im planning to buy mecool km1 but the one with 16 gb storage and 2 gb ram since android tv is running 32 bit, is it any worth. can it play large size 4k movies with very high bitrates?


32bit is only in the user level, 4GB of RAM is better if you plan use multitasking and games.
If you only need streaming and local media playback 2GB is enough.
For KM1 check our review, you can play 4K HDR.


thank you very much for advice i’ll go with 2/16GB then, the mecool km9pro i tested belongs to my friend i asked him if i can borrow from him to test the box which why i decided to buy km1. he was very disappointed that km9 doesnt play 4k netflix. its not hiding modifed apk. netflix works fine it runs normally but it cant play movies and shows because the device is banned as you said, i got error says “Sorry. this video cannot play on your device” after i changed the build fingerprint and deviceid netflix works perfectly fine… Read more »


I don’t need test I know this can be true.
But someday will be banned and users will goes angry as we seen with previous Mecools. I can’t recommend this.
Thanks for your interest.


Hi, can you recommend between tx3 and a95x f3 air which one is better buy? Since both spec and price is similar. Thanks!


A95X F3, better Wi-Fi and firmware.
Check out both reviews.


hi, can you suggest a nice gamepad controller for android. thanks


Any generic model can work:
8bitDo controllers have nice quality.


Only looking for bluetooth controllers


xbox one bluetooth controller


Hi Kim,
First of all, thank you for a great site.
My question is this, I want to use an android box as a cheap NAS substitute. So it would have to have good cooling and good internet-speed. What would you advise?


Hi. If you want something cheap go for A95X F3


Thanks Kim for your advice. I hope I can buy a ‘A95X F3’ cheap here in Nederland.
[Oh, a remark about the site. When I reply to your text, the box after the bell-icon is practically unreadable. It is white text on a grey field. It probably says ‘Post comment’…]


I will check thanks.


Hi have 2- h96 max x2 S905x2 with android 8.1. Bought 1 more h96max x2 s905x2 with update android 9,it will not download some apps says not compatible as no problem with android 8,1.So is android 9 a add on so if i factory reset it will go back to android 8.1 or do a have to do a stock firmware Thanks


No, you need to reflash the 8.1 using a PC.


I bought H96 Max+ but kind of wasted money so keen to get next box right. I connect my android box with projector to watch movies and play games. so requirements are simple: Be able to watch movies in decent quality (ideally HD or 4K) Play games without skip frames be able to connect bluetooth gamepad controller PS4 or android gamepads decent storage as i am watching movies so nice sound would be great.   I thought Beelink GT King Pro but then i see that i can get Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4k, which is cheaper solution. any suggestions,… Read more »


Amazon Fire Stick 4K is ok for media player and have Netflix/Prime Vide 4K,,, but FireOS is not good for gaming.
Beelink King Pro is good for gaming but NEtflix/Prime in SD+, local movies in 4K with no problem.
A95X F3 is the cheap alternative.


A95X F3 is S905 whereas I would look for something with S922. My worry is that A95X F3 may be very similar to H96 Max+ . Also A95X has Netflix and Prime in SD.
Have you reviewed anything with S922 ? which cost less too. Thanks.


A95X F3 is S905X3 = good
H96 Max+ is RK3328 = bad
You have link to the reviews in the buttons, for the Beelink GT-King with S922X too.

  2. A95X MAX PLUS

These are my filtered list but unfortunately 1st and 2nd are not available in the UK.
you have reviewed Beelink – is that not impressive or just too expensive ? whats your view?


Minix U22-XJ in UK =
We don’t recommend A95X Max plus, we recommend A95X F3… not the same.
You have the reviews in the site, my view is there, good if you are looking for something like this.


thanks. is there any way on this site where i can compare these tv boxs side by side.


No. We don’t make a boring spec list… are useless, the user experience don’t depens in those factors.
If you want a device for streaming, gaming, work or anything in particular you can ask us. We will glad to help.

Pat Winn

do eathernet cables come in 40 foot lenths?




Would you think the X96 Max+ is better than the Xiaomi Mi Box S. I’ve looked both reviews but still i can’t decide. Obviusly, the X96 is the winner on the paper: it has better hardware and the benchmarks results are higher, but how much better is in the real world?. Thanks!


Are two different products, there is no better or worse.
Xiaomi mi box, has DRM for netflix, prime video, also chromecast and Android TV.
X96 Max + is more powerful and has classic Android.


Well, since I don’t plan to run games on it, I could choose the Mi Box. I was looking for something to watch IPTV on. Thanks for your answer!


I was looking for a media player that would allow passthrough the 4k mkv files with dolby atmos in dolby truehd to av receiver. I bought a xiaomi mi box and that did not had this option. so I bought a X96 max plus. X96max plus with the android 9 system did not had this option either but I was able to install coreelec on an sd card and thus I solved the problem.


when are you going to test Zappiti media boxes?
they’re quite popular.




Are these all able to add any app in google play? The one I care about mainly is chrome browser.
(Sorry if this is an incredibly dumb question. I bought a smart tv assuming it would have SOME kind of browser only to be disappointed.)


You can install any app you want.
Using Google Play or the APK file.



Do any of your reviews also have youtube demo’s? Could Consider it a polite request/suggestion. I scanned a few reviews and did not find any links to seeing the things in action.


Video demos are useless for us, demands a lot of work and can be a faked easily.
Is a Android device, nothing special to see in a video.
Showing you this tests in a video don’t change the results.
We write our tests in details, for years.
Thanks for read us.


Will be great if a review is made about the formuler boxes. Like formuler z alpha or formuler z8. Thank you and great work


Expensive and old hardware, no interest.


Let me get his straight. I am on a hunt of cheap chinese tv box for youtube, Netflix but all I can see they only support SD or 720p at best. What crap is that ? Is it all about licences and money ? What is the point of buying a chinese tv box if you cannot watch minimum streamed content @ 1080p in 2020 ? My question is this. Is there a work around like an unofficial way to watch streamed content @ minimum 1080p with either hacked apps or custom ways (roms, apps etc) ? If not I… Read more »



Read this:

For youtube and streaming 2GB is enough.


go for mi box s then if streaming is your priority


Looking for a cheap and simple tv box that I’ll be able to play tv shows/movies mostly from an external drive, don’t need any netflix support, don’t need beyond 1080p support, preferably rooted.
Currently the best options to me seems like either the A95X F3, Mi box s which is now pretty much at the same price range, saw some recommendations here about the X96 MAX PLUS but couldn’t find much reviews of it so I don’t know if it’s good.
Would love to get some feedback, thanks!


We don’t test the A95X F3, maybe soon. What version exactly? Show me your buy link.
You can read our review for X96 MAX PLUS here.
This model have Ethernet Gigabit, is a important feature if you want to use it.
Is a OK model in the low-cost tier.


Thanks for the fast reply Kim, here is a link to the A95X F3: I plan on getting the 4GB-64GB version of course. The X96 MAX PLUS also looks nice, but according to the review there are no OTA updates(the A95X F3 seems to have OTA update), the X96 MAX PLUS seems to heat quite a lot(maybe the A95X F3 does as well so idk), and the fact that according to the reviews on 1080p there are some skipped frames which I didn’t saw any while watching reviews of the A95X F3. It doesn’t have Gigabit internet connection, so… Read more »


Hi. If you don’t go to install games 4/32 is enough. You can get one OTA update and don’t have more… this cheap boxes are like this. Historically X96 have more updates than A95X… but are low cost boxes, if you want updates go for Beelink GT1 mini 2. I don’t see frameskips at 1080p, all this boxes work the same at this level, VPU do the work. Thermals maybe are the same, X96 scalates the SoC ok, this is the important point. Leds lights in the A95X can be very annoying. If you want power go for S905x3, if… Read more »


Thanks once again, I saw the frameskips according to your review: h.264 / 1080i / 8bit Frameskip h.264 / 1080p / 4K / 8bit OK h.264 / 1080p / 10bit (anime) Frameskip (SW) I barely managed to find any other english reviews on the X96 max plus, compared to the A95X F3 which I’ve seen a few good reviews on. Since you didn’t review the A95X F3 yet I believe you can’t tell which one is actually better. Updates are not all that important for me actually, since root is open I believe there are many options for that so… Read more »


But these are very concrete formats for a niche of users, you don’t will use this files.
A95X F3 will have the same issues, is the VPU limitation in the SoC.
I choose Beelink GT1 mini 2, if not x96 with ethernet gigabit, i don’t tested A95x.


Oh I see, I wasn’t aware of this so that was a bit confusing.

The Beelink GT1 mini 2 seems really nice, I wonder if it’s worth the extra $25 though…
Do you have any plans on testing the A95X F3 anytime soon? Seen some more reviews on the x96 max plus and I’m quite afraid of the high thermal. I just want to be rather confident with what I’m buying.

One thing I’m not sure about, if my home internet connection can only support 100 mb/s, would there be any difference between 100mb and 1000mb?


Maybe in a weeks will have the review for A95X3, no exact date.
If your point is the price and a low cost model… any of those two will work.


Well yeah that’s quite obvious, but I guess using the 1 gigabit advantage with a file server locally could actually be a very nice advantage, even though the outside connection should be pretty much the same wired/wireless. Since it doesn’t sound like there are much differences, I guess I’ll just take the X96 max plus then 🙂 I don’t see any reason that it won’t, but just to make sure do you know if it’s possible connecting a usb hub to it? Having only 2 usb ports could be quite annoying I believe, especially when 1 of them would probably… Read more »


You can connect a USB hub, no problem.