Buy the best Smart TV with Android. Selection 2024

Buy the best Smart TV with Android TV of 2024 with the tips in this guide, discover which model offers the best image, Android power and the best price.

All Smart TVs with Google TV that we show in this selection serve to use any Android app, both streaming, IPTV, PLEX or load KODI to play multimedia content. It is also possible to use it to watch HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video in high resolution. One of the strengths of Android TV is that it integrates Chromecast so we can send to the TV from our Smartphone, for example, images, Youtube videos and other content easily and quickly. If your Smart TV does not have Android TV as a system you can add an Android TV-Box to improve its functions.

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Sony Smart TV

Sony was one of the pioneering brands in the adoption of the Google TV system and the best choice globally. Its products offer us very good panels with quality sound and it has several ranges from FullHD to 4K with top-level HDR with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Sound. The products that are now better priced in this brand are those that mount LED panels, OLED screens are much more expensive.

Sony Smart TV deals

  • All the Sony Smart TV products are available at Amazon or Walmart.

Sony Smart TV

Hisense Smart TV

The Hisense brand offers a wide range of Smart TVs with an Android TV system exclusively for the U.S., they offer a very competitive price, the screens they mount and the audio system are of quality if we buy the high-end models.

Hisense Smart TV deals

  • All the Hisense Smart TV products are available at Amazon or Walmart.

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Skyworth Smart TV

The Skyworth brand is focused on offering TVs with Android TV exclusively for the U.S. at a competitive price, we do not have the best panels or audio system but if we are looking for a low price it may be an option.

Skyworth Smart TV deals

  • All the Skyworth Smart TV devices are available at Amazon or Walmart.

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Phillips / TCL / Xiaomi Smart TV – UK and Europe

Some international brands such as Phillips, TCL or Xiaomi only have their Android TV products for sale in Europe and the UK. The Philips brand has the Ambilight rear lighting system, TCL offers products with interesting specifications and Xiaomi as always competes in price / performance in an excellent way.

Best deals

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Configuration guides

To get the most out of our new Smart TV we recommend adjusting the default settings. Normally, Smart TVs come with very exaggerated settings so that the image is very striking, but do not reflect a real image, if we are looking to watch series or movies in cinematic settings it is better to calibrate our TV.

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Panels and image quality

Within the Smart TV screens we have several types of screens, in general they all have their positive and negative points.

  • TN LCD panel: They are the ones with the oldest technology and have very poor viewing angles, we recommend avoiding them, usually we will find them in very cheap TVs.
  • IPS LCD panel: It has a very good color representation and wide angles to see them from any point. The screen response times are not the highest and better to discard them if we are going to play with them in consoles.
  • VA LCD panel: It is a combination between TN and IPS panels. An intermediate option suitable for both movie playback and gaming due to its reduced response time.
  • OLED Panel (Organic Light Emitting Diode): They emit light in each independent point of the screen and this achieves images with excellent contrast because in the dark areas we have no light. They are currently much more expensive than LCDs.

If we are going to choose an LCD panel must take into account the lighting system that incorporates, we have two options.

  • Edge LED: The LED system is distributed around the perimeter of the screen and does not allow spot lighting in specific areas, the screen is illuminated globally and this causes shallow blacks.
  • Local Dimming: Although we can find it with other names the concept is simple, we have in the whole area of the screen LED lights that are illuminated only in the areas that require it with this we have a better contrast and blacks.

Screen TV type

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I have a smart tv in one room and a android tv in the other room. How do I set up smart tv in the other room?

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