Black Friday on Aliexpress: Coupons, discount codes and best deals

The famous shopping portal also celebrates Black Friday, although with less force than the 11.11 and offers us its usual promotional mechanisms to capture our attention. As always in this online store we have the classic coupons, discount codes to activate in the purchase and flash deals in rounds. As always we recommend comparing prices with other online stores like, GearbestGeekbuyingWalmart or Newegg to see if the price on offer is really good.

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This online store offers a Black Friday Guide on Aliexpress in case we have any doubt about how to take advantage of all your promotions. On this occasion we also have a special offer when paying with Paypal and we get a discount of $3 when making a purchase of +$25 if we pay with this method.

Discount codes valid for the entire store from November 29

  • friday10 = $10 discount code spending +$100
  • friday15 = $15 discount code spending +$150
  • ALISHOPPING1 = $2 discount code spending +$14
  • ALISHOPPING2 = $5 discount code spending +$35
  • ALISHOPPING3 = $15 discount code spending +$100
  • ALISHOPPING4 = $22 discount code spending +$150
  • RABAT30 = $3 discount code spending +$30
  • RABAT50 = $5 discount code spending +$50
  • BLACK = $7 discount code spending +$50
  • ALIWHITE = $29 discount code spending +$80

Coupons for inviting friends, for you and for them

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