BMAX B6 Plus rescues Intel i3-1000NG4 and i5-1030NG7 CPUs

The BMAX B6 Plus is yet another option among mini PCs, although this time it uses a 10th generation Intel processor that we have not seen in this type of PC.

Specifically, there are two versions with Intel Core i3-1000NG4 and i5-1030NG7 chips, processors that have been discontinued and which we do not find particularly attractive, especially the i3-1000NG4, a simple dual Core. Of the rest of its configuration we would highlight the two NVMe connectors for SSD, the wireless connectivity with Wifi and its triple video output.

Finally, we would highlight the size of the BMAX B6 Plus with only 26.7 x 15.6 x 7.4 cm with a case that presents a good grille for easy cooling and that the most recommended version with Intel i5-1030NG7 includes 16 GB of RAM.

BMAX B6 Plus mini PC

BMAX B6 Plus Specifications

The BMAX B6 Plus mini PC is available with two processor options, the most powerful of which is an Intel Core i5-1030NG7, manufactured on 10nm and with a TDP of 10W. This processor is a Quad Core with 8 threads with a maximum speed of 3.5 GHz and the GPU is an Intel Iris Plus at 1.05 Ghz. The more modest version has an Intel Core i3-1000NG4, manufactured on 10nm and with a TDP of 9W. This chip is a Dual Core with 4 threads with a maximum speed of 3.2 Ghz and a GPU is an Intel Iris Plus that stays at 900 Mhz.

For RAM we have a version with 12 GB LPDDR4 3200MHz with only one RAM slot for the model with Intel Core i3-1000NG4 while the one equipped with Intel Core i5-1030NG7 has 16 GB of RAM. It also includes two M.2 NVMe SSD connectors one of them with a choice of 512GB or 1/2TB drive capacity.

Other features include

For wireless connectivity includes wireless connectivity with Wifi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2. In terms of connectors we have 3 USB-A 3.0 ports, a USB-C with 4K data / video functions, 3.5mm audio jack with microphone support, Gigabit Ethernet port and two HDMI 2.0b video outputs that allow 4K@60fps video playback without problems.

Among the included accessories we find a small external 12V/3A power supply, VESA compatible tethering, two HDMI cables and the installed operating system is Windows 11 Pro.

Pricing and availability

  • The BMAX B6 Plus mini PC can be purchased on AliExpress from $240 with free shipping in its simplest version with Intel i3-1000NG4 processor.

BMAX B6 Plus mini PC ntel i3

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