Chromecast with Google TV, new major update available

We already have available another automatic software update for the Chromecast with Google TV one of the best devices out there today if you want to Smartizar any TV.

The new version based on Android TV 10 is QTS1.210311.005 and if it has not been installed automatically go to Settings > System > Information > System Update > Check for updates. You may not get the update the first time, but you can force it by clicking Check for Updates several times. The changes and improvements in this update are multiple, it is 166 MB in size and also includes Google’s April 5, 2021 security patch. If you want more information about the Chromecast with Google TV you can read our Review.

You also have an update available for the remote control (24.7) that you can launch from the menu Controls and accessories.

Google TV update


  • Advanced Video Controls setting for granular HDR formats, resolution/refresh rate, and color formats.
  • HDMI hotplug improvements helping your Chromecast detect the best TV Settings available.
  • Wi-Fi improvements for 5Ghz and Mesh networks.
  • Bluetooth Audio suttering improvements in some apps.
  • HDMI-CEC can now be configured to turn on/off only the TV in settings.
  • Security update: Android security patch level to April 2021.
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