CHUWI GBOX with Celeron N4100 processor Gemini Lake starts its launch

During this year’s CES we have seen the new mini PC from Chuwi GBOX PRO, a team that is high on hardware and now seems to have a little brother called CHUWI GBOX. A mini PC that is still in the development phase and whose only processor is clear, an Intel Celeron N4100. This is a Chip of the family of last generation Gemini Lake manufactured in 14nm that includes 4 cores capable of reaching the 2.40Ghz in turbo mode and that integrates an Intel UHD Graphics GPU with 12EU and a maximum speed of 700mhz that is capable of Play video 4K@60fps.


The rest of the CHUWI GBOX hardware is still to be decided and Chuwi has opted to open a website where we can review the hardware that will accompany this new miniPC, DDR4 RAM, storage, connectivity, as well as the appearance and manufacturing materials of different hardware options. its external chassis. It is surprising to see that among the options of operating system we can opt for a configuration with dual boot Windows 10 + Linux, something very unusual in the Chinese miniPC but certainly interesting.

  • As expected for the moment there is no availability date, it goes for long, or approximate price of CHUWI GBOX.


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