Colorful onEbot AK22 a 21.3-inch all-in-one with Thin Mini-ITX board

We are struck by a new all-in-one Chinese that we found called Colorful onEbot AK22, a device that is unusually compatible with Thin Mini-ITX format plates. The compatibility with this standard of plates would theoretically facilitate the upgrade of this equipment to a superior hardware since we would only have to replace the main mother board of this all-in-one, which as we see in photos is accessible from the bottom of the screen unscrewing a screw.

Colorful onEbot AK22

Processor, RAM and storage

The All-in-one Colorful onEbot AK22 integrates in its interior the Kaby Lake Intel Celeron 3865U processor, a Dual Core with a TPD of 15 W where we find an Intel HD Graphics 610 GPU. We also have 4 GB DDR4 of RAM we suppose that expandable and an SSD unit of 128 GB capacity. As you can see this all-in-one can be enought for office work and web browsing that presents the plus of being able to update it by replacing your PCB.

Screen and other specifications

The screen of the Colorful onEbot AK22 is a 21.5-inch matte with FullHD resolution with a 178º viewing angle that integrates a pair of speakers inside. In terms of connectivity we found a pair of USB 2.0 ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit network connector, a pair of audio jacks, VGA output and an HDMI 1.4 port. Finally comment that includes b/g/n Wifi and the operating system included is DOS although it is compatible with Windows 10.

Price and availability

Colorful onEbot AK22 all in one

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