Confirmed the future release of the Xiaomi Smart TVs in Europe

In the presentation of Xiaomi in this MWC we have been able to see their new and interesting smartphones Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G, but we have also been able to talk with some of their specialists in other product ranges. We were interested above all in the Android TV environment that we have seen in the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector during the presentation and on one of its Smart TVs, during the conversation about this range of products they have commented to us fresh news.

xiaomi mwc tv n03 min

Xiaomi is gradually introducing many of its products successfully in Europe where for example its mobile phones are the No.1 seller in Spain and electric scooters are sold non-stop. Among the new products one of the most interesting for this brand are the Smart TVs where Xiaomi is also the No.1 in China and India. In India there is already an option to buy their televisions with Android TV but they do not have streaming certificates since there are not interested in that type of services and also the hardware of the tuners is different.

With these data if Xiaomi puts on sale its Smart TVs in Europe it is possibly a triumph. For that plan Xiaomi is looking for a manufacturer in Europe and it seems that Poland has several numbers to be the center of production . On the other hand to enter in the Europe market as Xiaomi well knows is necessary have streaming certificates, at the moment HBO is no problem and as we have been told are about to close an Amazon Prime Video agreement, the last step is Netflix and also seems no problem to get it in 4K HDR quality.

So it is very likely that we will soon see Xiaomi Smart TV in Europe with all the hardware and streaming system compatibles. We will still have to wait but the road is drawn, it remains to see dates and which models will arrive in Europe, we will continue informed about it.

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