CoreELEC 21.0 Omega Beta1, available for download and install

Available for download and install CoreELEC 21.0 Beta1 based on Kodi 21 Omega Beta1, a new build with compatibility improvements.

We already have a new Beta version of CoreELEC system available for download. A version that brings compatibility with numerous Wifi adapters, we can test on our Android TV-Box to see if we notice improvements in this regard. This is a Beta version so we can not expect a high stability or compatibility as in a final version.

CoreELEC 21 omega

CoreELEC 21.0 Omega Beta1 Installation Tutorial

CoreELEC 21.0 Omega Beta1 Changelog

  • Added Wifi module support for RTL8852BE in Amlogic-ne
  • Enabled Joystick device driver in Amlogic-ne
  • Fixed some devices Wifi by adding missing var ‘dhd_static_buf’
  • Prevent spurious key presses on some devices caused by floating ADC
  • Added Wifi module support for BCM4330 in Amlogic-ne
  • Enabled various USB Wifi drivers in Amlogic-ne
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