CORSAIR K83 Wireless a new keyboard for multimedia and gaming

From CORSAIR we get information about his new CORSAIR K83 Wireless keyboard is designed to be used in multiple areas, a model that has a robust and elegant design as well as a backlight system. This keyboard has multiple connectivity functions that allow us to link it with all types of devices and thanks to its touch panel and analog joystick it is possible to control all types of content without problems.

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The new keyboard CORSAIR K83 Wireless surprises us with multiple connectivity options, by default comes with a 2.4GHz RF USB adapter with 120bit AES encryption system that allows connectivity with only 1ms of delay and also includes dual Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity that allows us Link with several devices by switching between them without problems.

The CORSAIR K83 Wireless has an internal battery that gives us autonomy of up to two months in a normal use depending on the level of lighting selected and the hours of activity activity. The keyboard also has a backlight system in all its zones that allow us to use it perfectly in any light circumstance.


The CORSAIR K83 Wireless keyboard has a classic layout with 76 keys and Anti-Ghosting effect, the size of the keys is the standar with 15×15 mm size and the spacing is 19 mm, the universal measurements of any conventional keyboard. In the right area we have a circular trackpad that allows us up to four tactile points in Windows, we have mouse keys in the lower part and in the upper part we have lighting control keys, gaming mode and volume wheel with extra push button.

In the upper area as we see we have an analog controller that allows us to move the pointer of our device or use it as a gaming mode as if it were a gamepad. In addition to this control we have two L and R keys that serve as push-buttons when grabbing the keyboard to play comfortably.

  • The CORSAIR K83 Wireless multimedia keyboard can be purchased at for $109.99.

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