Crenova A76 a Chinese HD projector with Android 7 option

New Chinese projector with which we run on, the emporium of these devices. This we have the Crenova A76 a projector with a minimal care and external appearance that judging by the comments of buyers has a good quality. As in many Chinese products in the Android version of this projector we are not informed of its basic technical characteristics that are in the antipodes of marketing.

Crenova A76

Projector specifications

The Crenova A76 has a projector with LCD screen with a real resolution of 1280 × 768 pixels, luminosity of 4500 Lumens and a contrast of 2000: 1. Trapezoidal focus and correction are manual, we can get a screen with dimensions between 30 “and 170” with a projection distance between 3 and 7 meters. The chassis is made of plastic with physical controls on top, is cooled by an internal fan and seems to have a pair of 2W internal speakers.

Connections, multimedia and other features

The connection interfaces of the Crenova A76 are 2 USB 2.0 ports, 3.5mm audio jack, microSD card reader, 3.5mm audio jack, analog AV output, VGA port and an HDMI where we can connect consoles, players Blu-Ray or any other device. Also included in the pack is an infrared remote control and cables such as VGA and AV.

The Crenova A76 PRO version includes Android 7.0.1 but we do not know SoC data, memories and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Price on offer

  • The Crenova A76 projector can be purchased on for about $ 173 including free shipping using the discount coupon given by the store when purchased in its basic version.

Crenova A76 proyector

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