CUSTOM FIRMWARE: XTMOD-ATV V2 for TV-Box with S905X2 SoC like Beelink GT1 Mini & X96 Max

We have today a new firmware with Android TV for some TV-Box with the SoC of AMlogic S905X2 that we are seeing lately in our REVIEWS. Some devices that include 2/4 GB of DDR4 RAM, 32 / 64GB of internal eMMc storage, aC Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1 in addition to Gigabit Ethernet may be compatibles.

Supported TV-Boxes

  • The models supported by this custom firmware are the Beelink GT1 Mini and the X96 MAX.
  • Surely it is also with the Sunvell T96Q that have similar hardware.
  • IR remote controls may not work on unsupported models.
  • Boxes with 10/100 Ethernet or the A95X MAX with SATA connector may not be compatible.

beelink gt1 mini pre sal d01

Update process

Download the compatible XTMOD-ATV Version 2.0 firmware:
Beelink GT1 Mini
X96 Max 4/32 and 4/64 GB
X96 Max 2/16 GB
Leave a donation to Xannytech for his work.

  • Install the firmware following our Amlogic Update Guide – Method 1-B.
  • If you give us an error, activate the “Erase Bootloader” option.
  • We can go back to an official firmware reinstalling it from PC.

Installed apps

  • Opengapps Atv
  • App Drawer from LineageOs
  • Totalcommander
  • Magiskmanager
  • Aptoide ATV
  • Netflix
  • Kodi
  • VLC
  • AmazonPrime Video for Android TV (no working)


– compiled with modified dtb for LG tv ( just X96 Max 4gb;
– fixed some bugs in generic.kl (not all key #28 will stay like ENTER to avoid problems with keyboards);
– re-added Cromecast app but Airscreen will stay;
– Kodi 17.6 to Kodi 18 Final Release;
– fixed optimizations for Kodi and spmc apps;
– added native support library;
– double click on home button brings recent app up (was like this also in previous version. );
– Power button now will shutdown the device (it’s possible to change it back in settings);
– removed presetted preferred app cause was causing a bug;
– corrected many issues and bugs to speedup the fw;
– updated all the tv gapps to the best versions (Not used Open Gapps);
– fixed a stupid bug in props;
– rebased firmware on a new version for X96 Max (not publicly available), Gt1 Mini will be based on 115N0;
– it’s pratically a whole new release, so some new bug it’s possible 😛

Firmware in XDA

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