Dangbei F3 high-end projector FullHD with 4 GB of RAM

New projector that arrives in stores under the name of Dangbei F3 and that we fit within the high range in its FHD resolution.

The Dangbei F3 calls our attention for its aluminium body, very similar to the HGIMI H2 by the way and that hides inside interesting features such as compatibility with HDR10 + HLG, a MEMC motion image compensation engine that reaches 120Hz and a high-quality autofocus on its 2 TOF sensors + CMOS camera.

Inside the projector we have an audio system with two speakers of 4 ohms and 8 W each that can also work independently by Bluetooth without using the projector. In the audio section we also have 4 microphones in the projector box to give you remote commands if we do not want to use the remote that also has a microphone.

Dangbei F3

Projector and other specifications

The Dangbei F3 includes an LED projector with DLP technology, a native FHD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and a brightness of 2050 ANSI lumens, and we can project images between 30 and 300 “.

It also includes in the wireless section Wi-Fi aC Dual Band and Bluetooth 4.0. Regarding connectors, we have two USB 3.0, 3.5 mm audio jack, two HDMI ports, one of them HDMI / ARC, RJ45 network connector and a SPDIF digital audio output.

SoC, RAM and Storage

The Dangbei F3 projector includes a Mstar 6A938 SoC as a motor, a Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A53 processors with a MALI-T820mp4 GPU. We also have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of Samsung eMMc 5.1 storage memory.

The operating system it carries is Dangbei OS, it is based on Android, we do not know the version and it includes a remote control with accelerometers that works by Bluetooth and with voice functions.

Price and availability in stores

  • The Dangbei F3 FHD Projector can be purchased at Gearbest.com online store for $1,633 with shipping included.

Dangbei F3 proyector

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Antonio Lombardi

Hi, I read that the Dangbei F3 projector needs a firmware update to eliminate some operating bugs, the firmware distributed for sale in Europe is V2.1.4.0, could you help me find a link where you can find the updates for the multilingual software. Graziet, A.L.


Hi. Contact with your store or Dangbei.


Contacted to them 2 times already. Don’t have any answer from them (2 weeks passed).


Then open a dispute with your store.


Problem is not with the store. Official Dangbei operators don’t answer to me.


If Dangbei don’t solve your problems no one can solve.
Just use the device as a projector and connect a certified Google device like Xiaomi Mi Stick.

Luciano dos Santos Gregoruti

Ao ele já ter mais lumens que o H3 já o torna muito melhor