DATA FROG Y2 a retro 8-bit console for your TV for only $13

During these days of quarantine we are having time to look at all kinds of pots, and today we put the magnifying glass on the Data Frog Y2. This is a tiny retro console that arrives in a dongle format that we only have to connect, and it will be ready to play with the hundreds of games that it has loaded in its internal memory.

Practically the size of a USB flash drive, this tiny accessory emulates 8-bit systems and inside we have hundreds of classic Nintendo and Sega games preloaded at least. A very cheap console, just over $13, easy to carry and that can delight the smallest of the house or the most freaky adults.

Data Frog Y2 retro console

Data Frog Y2 specs

We have no information on what is hidden inside the Data Frog Y2, surely a small and cheap Chinese SoC based on MIPS architecture that works with Linux. This dongle is powered directly from our TV and is powered by a micro USB-USB cable that we can connect to any USB port on our TV. In addition, two wireless controls with crosshead and 4 buttons with retro design are delivered, which are powered by a pair of AAA batteries.

This little Dongle is available in two formats, the Data Frog Y2 HD with HDMI video output, with 568 different games installed, and the Data Frog Y2 Pro with analogue video output by RCA and which comes with 600 games.


  • The Data Frog Y2 mini console can be bought on sale at from only $13.47 with free shipping in its cheapest version.

Data Frog Y2 game controller

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