DEAL: DDR4 SODIMM RAM at minimum price to expand your laptop

Excellent price that we found in Aliexpress store for DDR4 SODIMM memory modules, no doubt a fantastic opportunity to expand our laptop or mini PC economically. We have available modules of 4/8/16 GB capacity, we recommend always combining them in pairs to take advantage of the performance in Dual Channel.

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These DDR4 SODIMM modules have speeds between 2400 and 2666 MHz, because of the price difference we always recommend the fastest one because it can always be used for another device or try to make them OC in the current one. The RAM speed is never a problem because the system always regulates it to the lower one that is compatible by the hardware.

If you have only one SODIMM installed, it is a good option to duplicate your RAM, although it is more risky because of the compatibility between modules, you have to watch if they are similar to the one you already have installed and especially its 1.2 V voltage.

From the comments of the buyers in the shop and the amount of sales it has it seems a quite reliable product. The speeds that we see in the tests carried out by users seem to fit the specifications of the advertised product. Also, the memory chips soldered onto the board are Micron, a very reliable brand.

Price and Availability

  • We can buy the RAM DDR4 SODIMM in the store we have the 4 GB module only for $14.25 (€12.8) , if we want 16 GB of RAM in 2×8 GB we get it only for $51 (€46)
  • You can compare the prices with Amazon to get an idea.

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