DEAL: SSD M.2 KingSpec 512GB disk for only $88.09

KingSpec is a Chinese brand that has been in storage for several years and today we find on Aliexpress one of its SSDs with M.2 format at very good the price. We say really a good price because the cheapest ssd of this capacity that you can find in the online stores is a Crucial with 525 GB around $147.55 on Surely not one of the fastest SSD in the market, we hope to see your speeds in our review soon, but its price GB / $ is unbeatable at present.

As we discussed the KingSpec SSD has M.2 format, formerly known as NGFF and the controller can be siliconmotion or MK8115 brands used in many discs of ADATA, Crucial or Sandisk among others. The reading speed is between 490/540 MB/s and the writing speed between 190/390 MB/s while the type of memory used is MLC 3D. A very interesting unit for its price within the input range in the SS.2 M.2.

  • The 512GB KingSpec M.2 SSD can be purchased on for only $88.09 including shipping.

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