DERE MBook M11 New 15.6″ with Celeron N5095 and 12GB RAM

From China, we do not cease to receive news of new laptop models, in this case we have the new DERE MBook M11 with a 15.6 “screen and a new Intel Celeron N5095 processor.

This laptop that we find in the official DERE store of Aliexpress, includes as a motor a last generation chip of the Jasper Lake family launched during this 2021 and manufactured in 10 nm, the Intel Celeron N5095. A processor with a performance improvement of up to 30% over the previous Celeron N4125. We also have 12 GB of DDR4 RAM, IPS FHD screen, backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader and metal body available in two different colours, silver and red.

dere mbook m11

Processor, RAM and storage

This DERE MBook M11 laptop includes the latest 10nm Intel Celeron N5095 processor, a Quad Core with a maximum frequency of 2.9 Ghz, Intel UHD Graphics 11 Gen graphics and a TDP of only 15 W.

The RAM is 12 GB LPDDR3 and for storage we have options of an M.2 SSD with 256/512 GB capacity.

Display and other specifications

The IPS screen of this 15.6 ” size laptop with a 1920 x 1080 pixel FHD resolution and only 5mm bezels, so narrow it seems that it does not have a built-in webcam. The connectors included are a 3,5mm audio jack, two USB 3.0 ports, SD card reader, Ethernet port, power connector, and one USB Type-C port.

The battery is 3700 mAh with an autonomy of between 3 and 4 hours and includes Wi-Fi aC Dual Band and Bluetooth 4.2 in the field of wireless connectivity. The keyboard is backlit in English and has a fingerprint reader to unlock Windows 10.

Price and availability in stores

dere mbook

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Joshua Musyoka

How can I get that laptop, please , I’m Joshua from Kenya.

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