Disney+ 2.3.2, new APK version available for download

We have today a new version available for download and install, the new Disney+ 2.3.2 app is almost compatible with any Android TV-Box, Tablet, or Smartphone without depending on Google Play.

This app is not available in the official app store of some devices and the message “Your device is not compatible with this version” is displayed. This problem is not exclusive to models not certified by Disney + since even on top brand phones or tablets they seem to have this limitation. As we have verified in this version we continue with the same limitations with the sound that we hope will be solved soon, reporting this issue to Disney with messages.



Fortunately, the limitation that prevents installing Disney+ from Google Play is not critical because we can manually install the Disney+ app in a very simple way by following the steps we describe in the following manual.

  1. DOWNLOAD Disney+ v2.3.2 APK for Android 5.0 or superior, can play back HD quality
  2. Install instructions and tips:
    – Install APK from by running it from any installed file explorer.
    – We are going to need a mouse or fly mouse to control this app without problems
    – Only the official some Android TV-Boxes are compatible with 4K HDR 


  • Solution 1 (SD video):
    – We enter our Profile> App settings> Wi-Fi data usage> Select = Save Data (stereo sound and SD video)
  • Solution 2 (HD video):
    – To listen to the audio start the download of the chapter and pause it, it will be played with stereo sound and HD video.
  • Why Disney+ don’t have audio directly?
    – The sound in most of the titles only have sound if we have the TV-Box connected to an AV receiver to decode Dolby Digital Plus, otherwise we will not have audio. See our Android multi-channel sound guide
  • Once installed we can use it with normality, we can Adjust the captions with this guide
  • The application will not be updated from Google Play since it will be marked as not compatible with our device
  • Check our Guide for Disney+ with Android for more help


  • General improvements
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